Facebook is storing YOUR Credit Card Number by default!

Avoid spending money on GOLD BARS by mistake

last_resort_will_cost_75sntThere is no harm spending a buck now and then on Bubble Witch Saga, but I think the spending have been made all to easy for us people that have limited resources of real money.

If you have bought coins/boosts/extra moves for Bubble Witch Saga even once, there is a huge probability that you have saved you billing information at Facebook.

Here is described how you remove/manage your billing information at Facebook with a PC or a Mac

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Go to the upper right corner of Facebook, there you have an arrow. Click on the arrow and choose “Settings”, also remember to click on it! Then choose the “Payment”-link on the left side of the page, the straight link at the moment is https://secure.facebook.com/settings?tab=payments but you should really learn howto manage funds for your games for real rather than just bookmarking or trying to google this post back when you need to manage gold bar sources next time….

Choose manage to the right if you want to delete your credit card from facebook

Click to enlarge

If the row Payment methods announce that “You have 1 payment method saved.” or maybe even more, you can easily remove it by clicking the link “Manage” to the right.

If you want to have easy access for spending money at Facebook, you have the option to leave your payment information and the amount spent will automatically be withdrawn next time you want more bubbles, coins, lives, moves and every happy thing Saga Gold Bars can get you.

The Eternal Fight against the isle ghosts continues

Now we got a sixth isle to free from the evil ghosts. Ask 3 of your friends for help breaking the spell to enter the eternal isle #6 and bubble on!

Shoot the black hammer at crystal bubbles to shatter them.

And….! Now we have a new Charm as well to help us with the Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles!!!! It’s name is the Charm of Shattering(unlocked at level 89).

When you activate the Charm of Shattering you get a black bubble with a hammer on, that you can shoot at a cluster of Crystal Bubbles. The crystals in that cluster will then change into ordinary bubbles and you’ll save a lot of bubbles from you cauldron to focus on bursting and dropping all the bubbles into the cauldrons. The Shattering Charm can be used on many levels, including a lot of the Eternal Isle levels, here is an index for the Witch Country usage of the Charm of Shattering.

If you pay a bit attention at north west you’ll fins something quite interesting. We seem to have sea or water levels ahead, as you can see that the ghosts are about to invade the big sea over there. If you hover over the water area, you will see that we are going to get levels up north soon! I can’t wait for them… But I’ll have to wait, so now lets play some new isle levels, WOHOO! Thank you King.Com!

Do you see the ghosts up North?! Wohoo, those means new levels for us over there!

New Feature – Charms List

In-Level List of Charms

Many players are pissed off by these icons. But some playeras have turned this to a festure instead of an annoying thing. If you keep the mouse pointer just a few pixels more to the left than you are used to, the icons don’t get in the way and additionally they provide a great help when you need to adjust your aim doing bankshots via the right wall! The downside is that you start shooting like crap when you do angle shots via the left wall though… ;-P

All Charms that can be activated when you are playing a Level are now listed at your right hand for easy overview. Those Charms that you own and that are activated are green. The Charms that you have chosen to disable are greyed out and the Charms you haven’t yet purchased are labelled with a little cute price tag. In he attached picture you see a disabled owned Charm of Insurance on top and an active Charm of Precision at the bottom.

The numbers beside the Charms indicates how many times the Charm can be used every round when purchased.

Hover over a Charm to get a brief description of it’s features.

Charm Poll

Update May 8, 2012. The result of this Poll will determine what Charm will be the price in the next Lottery. The Next Lottery will be arranged for ALL BLOG READERS as soon as the BWS Fan Site Group at FB hits 2000 Members. Anybody can join the group, but during to earlier odd adds, there are Admins to approve all new members, so we wont get any trolls.

Vote for the Charm YOU would like to WIN!

What Charm would be nicest to win of the following?

Charm-of-Shielded-SpidersCharm of Shielded Spiders If you miss a shot, you do not get rid of two spider, just one. This Charm is automatically activated by the game, when added.

Charm-of-WebbingThe Charm of webbing puts a spiderweb over the two biggest cauldrons, allowing whatever bubble that falls on them to bounce back to hit the spiders again. This goes on for 13 bounces, then the web dissolves. I’ve had it bounce a bubble back to a green spider which then took me from 2 stars to 3. Fun to watch!

Charm-of-Fortune-SpidersCharm of Fortune Spiders is a permanent item, you get two extra spiders glued, so they never ever rise again, no matter how long you play, or how many levels.

Please read more about and comment for additional information on Charms at the Charm List.

Level 123 – Unlock 2 Chains and defeat the Doom Bubbles

Starting Bubbles: 60
Recommended Boosters: 3 extra holes in the ceiling, rainbow bubble, 7 extra bubbles in the starting Cauldron
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars:
Useful Charms: Charm of Precision and Charm of Shattering
Obstacles: Black Bubbles, Doom Bubbles, 3 Lock Bubbles(keeping 2 ghost  chains locked), Crystal Bubbles

Are the witches making diamonds? Sometimes one wonders what they are cooking… And if we look at level 123, it is Crystal Diamonds!

You really not need all the recommended potions, but if you aren’t the patient kind of bubbler, you really can take advantage of the rainbow bubbles to shred the Crystals in the two lowest rows.

When you have played as long as you see the ceiling, you might panic, because there is loads of doom skull bubbles, that will make you loose a heart, if you don’t have the Charm of precision, that is why one might want to go with the 3 extra holes in the ceiling.

3 Star video from the U tube Channel attached to this blog. :)

In-game News! 10 more levels added in real Christmas spirit

holiday-theme in Bubble Witch Saga

Soon it is Christmas holidays and Bubble Witch Saga have changed the game theme to celebrate.

The charm of webbing would be a nice gift this Christmas.

Great news for everybody, especially for all of you that likes Christmas. We now can play in a holiday inspired landscape(Look at the corners). We can also send Christmas presents for our friends and beloved. I hope someone would buy me a Charm this Christmas. Wawing at Santa! ;)

And we got new levels as well, level 116 – level 125! :)

Bubbly Holidays!