Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus December 31, 2014- FINALE!!

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus December 31, 2014

 daily 12-31-2104Daily Bonus Video Finale!! :D

Thanks to all our viewers & supporters through the years.  It’s been quite a ride!

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Happy New Year & Happy Bubbl’n! ;)

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LIVE Daily Bonus 3 star Video by Jo Ellen Hamilton

Live Daily Bonus 2 star Video by Patti Frazier-Laundree

Bubble Witch Saga Daily Bonus December 30, 2014- Countdown #1!!

Bubble Witch Daily Bonus December 30, 2014

daily 12-30-14

Tip: Do NOT hit QUIT button if you want to replay game.  Refresh game instead by clicking on the curved arrow in address (url) bar before witch flies across screen.  That is why I was unable to play again.  My video is one star. Score as seen: 68 025 :(

One more video to go!! :D

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Two LIVE Daily Bonus Videos!! :D

LIVE video by Jo Ellen Hamilton (3 stars :) )

LIVE video by Patti Frazier-Laundree (1 star :( )



One more night to go!!!