Eternal Isles 1 – Level 6 is challenging, but ALL playable!

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 1, Level 6

Bubbles in the beginning: 30 Magic Potions that I used: The 3 holes in the ceiling, the 7 extra bubbles and the Rainbow Bubble Rainbow Bubbles
Charm noticed to be good: The Charm of Webbing (I haven’t got it, but many have thanked that while scoring good at EI1-6)
Obstacles: Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles  Bomb Bubble 12 Bomb Bubbles

1 Star = 100 000 points, 2 Stars = 140 000 points,  3 Stars = 180 000 points
Focus on bursting your way to the top on the side where you have fever openings ready made from the 3-hole-in-the-ceiling Potion. If you get lucky enough to have good clusters of at least two same colored bubbles in the ceiling at level EI 1-6 at one side of the Bomb Column, you should naturally focus on bursting your way up on that side! With nine holes to achieve, you can’t really afford to go up on the wrong side, just swinging the level. Here is a two Star video with the charm of Webbing for this tactic.

It is safe to start the countdown for the Bombs, when you have 10 Bubbles left. I usually start them a bit sooner (12-15 left) or by accident ALL too soon. Patching up Bombs that are about to detonate doesn’t give any Stars at this level. So you don’t need to try it for yourself, I have tried it all too many times, LOLs. The amount of score that you need to get that desired one Star is ridiculous. 135 000 Points on just 37 Starting Bubbles (And that is WITH the Magic Potion) doesn’t make sense.Special Tips for those STUCK ON LEVEL 6; Go back and train on level 35 and level 59, they are very similar!!!

Tips & Tricks by Carol-Anne Yard:
◾Save one rainbow ball for final shot
◾Have least 1 green spider when final ceiling bubbles dropped
◾Shoot the opposite to side where the holes are – in this case the left where there was 1 just ceiling hole
◾Potions used: 7 bubbles, 3 extra ceiling & rainbow bubbles.
◾Precision Charm

Elevate level by placing bubbles under bottom row.

Elevate level by placing bubbles under bottom row.

Super Tips from Bastienne:

You can heighten the level in the beginning to score better. If you do so, you will have more chances to get one Star, as you can burst many clusters in a row to get yellow and hopefully also some green spiders to drop the Bombs on in the end.

I was lucky enough to catch a Star quite soonish after entering level 6. Getting a proper video of it was even more astonishing, as I often mess up my screencasts somehow. XD.

Here is Bastienne’s great Tips available as a video. You find the first video at Youtube.  I am now proud to present the heighten strategy captured on video! Wohoo!

3 star charmed video by Christine Duczek