Eternal Isles 13-2, be careful with the Mystery Bubbles


As many other bubbles taken out before taking any risks with the Mystery Bubbles.

Starting Bubbles: 50
Recommended Potions: +3 holes in the ceiling and RB Bubble if you take chances with the Mystery bubbles, but also the +7 bubbles if you play safe.
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 75 000, 110 000, 135 000
Special bubbles: Doom Skull Bubbles, Mystery Bubbles

At EI 13-2 you want to shoot as many other Bubles as possible before you take your chances with the Mystery Bubbles. If you get a Bomb from the loest Mystery Bubbles it is not so easy to shut it down and you will not have ime to drop the ceiling before it blows up your game. If you get a Bomb from one of the other two Mystery Bubbles, you can plug the gap, but that will really take a lot of skill while banking shots of the wall after that. The bubbles just might run out on you. :/

As a person with a lot of friends and therefor many lives sent to me all the time, I did the level taking my chances with the Mystery Bubbles as soon as possible, i lost a few lives in the first runs, because of the darned Bombs and some infected Bubbles that came from the Mystery Bubbles. So you really have to choose whether you sacrifice some lives or play by skill! If you are going for the 3 Star scorem you should definitely take your chances with the Mystery Bubbles as soon as you have 10 spiders, so that one of them can turn green.