Eternal Isles 15-10, no Panic, but take out ’em all FAST!

Eternal Isles 15, Level 10 level designStarting Bubbles: 70
Recommended Potions: +3 holes in the ceiling, RB Bubble.
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star:
140 000, 165 000, 185 000
Special bubbles: Shadow Bubbles, Mystery Bubbles, Infected Bubbles and Doom skulls

Don’t do a mistake right in the beginning by hitting a Doom Bubble. The circled areas in the Pic can actually be hit for a burst without hitting a Doom Skull, but it is really hard to find the right aiming place to achieve this.

Start with taking out bubbles in the middle. That works quite good for Eternal Isles 15, Level 10, but after while stopping the infection in the middle you really need to take out either of the shadow bubble clusters on the sides. You will have no chance in the world to clear the level if both side shadows reach above the lowest point of the infection. Don’t waste bubbles on the Mystery Bubbles, if the option is bursting shadow Bubbles. But using the extra bubbes that might come out from Mystery bubbles is handy and potential bombs easy to take down, so having the priority on clearing the Shadows, you should also take your chances with the mystery Bubbles.

If you manage to get rid of the shadow bubbles fast enough, this level is really easy to clear for 3 Stars.