Eternal Isles 18 is launched!

10 new levels have now been added to be played for 12 FB Credits and Eternal Isles 17 is open to be unlocked with the help of your friends. Big thanks to Christine Duczek that was first to report these news!
You can browse the video index for Eternal Isles 17 or take a sneak peak on the level Designs for EI17 that were published last week.

Here is the preview Gallery for Eternal Isles 18.

Eternal Isles Level Index for 9-20

EI15 ei15-1ei15-2 ei15-4 ei15-5 ei15-6ei15-7 ei15-8 ei15-9 ei15-10

EI16 ei16-1 ei16-2 ei16-3ei16-5 ei16-7

EI17 ei17-1ei17-2 ei17-3 ei17-4ei17-5 ei17-6 ei17-7ei17-8 ei17-9 ei17-10

EI18 ei18-1 ei18-2 ei18-3 ei18-4 ei18-5 ei18-7 EI18-8 ei18-10

Eternal Isles 19, screen caps, look for the level guides via the Upper menu. :)

Eternal Isles 20, overviews, look for the menu items in the Upper menu to find the level guides.