Eternal Isles 22-4

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 22 Level 4

Starting Bubbles: 60
Recommended Potions: 3 holes in the ceiling, Rainbow bubbles, optional- golden spiders
Useful Charms: Charm of Precision, optional- webbing
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 70 000, 95 000, 120 000
Special bubbles:

skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles

Pic EI 22-4a: There are rows of doom bubbles alternating sides all the way up marked in red. Use a zigzag pattern as indicated by yellow line to work your way through each level to drop doom bubbles being careful not to hit them.

Pic EI 22-4b: Ceiling seen and last row of doom bubbles. Depending on bubble colors can drop doom bubbles and ceiling. Rainbow bubbles a must for this game.

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Patti Frazier-Laundree