Eternal Isles 29-1

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 29 Level 1

Strategies, Pictures and Tips by Teresa Atkinson

Starting Bubbles: 25
Recommended Potions: Extra
Useful Charms: None needed
Points to get 1, 2, 3 Stars: 70,000, 85,000, 100,000
Special bubbles: 
black bubble-is-hard-as-rock Black Bubbles
yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles


Pic a

There are two rows of black bubbles in the centre and a small cluster of poison bubbles centre ceiling. Work your way up collecting green spiders before you drop the black bubbles to boost your score.

Pic b

Avoid the poison bubbles, again collect green spiders before you drop the ceiling. A nice easy level.

3 stars.


he Upper video  for Eternal Isles 29-2 (no Charms and 3 Magic Potions,) is uploaded to the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, subscribe to the channel to get the freshest videos!

Dazzling 3 Star video by Jean-Pierre Verbesselt (Charms)