Eternal Isles #6 Level 1-5, manuals

EI 6-1 At the upper part you can use this trick to manage to break the ceiling; Take a screenshot of the ceiling, so you remember the order of the Bubbles in the first, second and thrid row. Thewn you lift the bubbles by shooting one or two bubbles under one of the black row colums. By lifting the level you then manage to aim via the walls to drop one or both of the black bubble columns.Recommended Potions; 3 holes in the ceiling and RB Bubble

EI 6-2 Even out a bit under the infection, you play a better game if you have lost at least one row from the bottom of the area. Try not to miss any shots. I don’t see any advantage of avoiding the slimy spider bubbles, getting yellow and prehaps a green spider at the end really counts, but it is better to drop spider slime at the spiders and kill one spider a time than to miss and loose 2 spiders at once!! I suggest that you save a RB Bubble to the end, so that you can time yuor BIG DROP on at least 8 yellow spiders and one green. That will get you at least one star! Recommended Potions; 3 holes in the ceiling and RB Bubble

EI 6-3 Do not shoot in the middle at all in the beginning, that will only waste good bubbles from the cauldrons. Let the virus spread to a diamond and attach to the doom skulls under them. Focus on shooting down the doom skulls at the sides and then you do bank shots to drop the Diamond. Recommended Potion; 3 hole in the ceiling

EI 6-4 Try to make an as even and smooth line when you burst the first 9-12 bubbles, choose to go up at the one side and let the infections spread at the other. As the infected bubbles are hold by Crystal Bubbles you have time to plan the shots ahead and can vision the spread of the infection before it actually spreads. Shoot carefully! Recommended Potion; RB Bubble.

EI 6-5 Get rid of the bubbles above the black bubble row before you unlock the lower lock, because the second ghost lock chain hides an infected bubble that will stick to the black row unless you have a gap between the black bubbles and the row.