The original Farm Heroes Saga has came to its End.


The moderator cat lad at can tell us that the Flash Player as app format for further Farm Heroes Saga development will not be worked on for other than fatal errors and small bug fixes.

The flash version of Farm Heroes Saga features 2825 levels of the original Farm Heroes Saga game. You can currently access them by playing in the Kingdom. You should be able to join your progress from Facebook easily at a PC/laptop by syncing your accos.

farm heroes saga is ported and bridged all over ebery device

Farm Heroes Saga Level 626

this Level Help 4 Farm Heroes Saga Level 626, Also ricks, Strategies and Level 626 Description is originated from



Video Cheat Peaks for Farm Heroes Saga Level by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

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This is the 626th level of the game Farm Heroes Saga. Click this links for more Farm Heroes Levels
Target and requirements to pass Farm Heroes Saga level 626

Main objective:
; To pass this level, you have to gather 85 carrots + 85 onions + 85 strawberries + 2 shells within a maximum of 12 moves.

Required Resources:
85 carrots
85 onions
85 strawberries
2 shells
Number of moves:
12 moves
Farm Heroes Saga Level 626 Video

Strategy, hints and tips for Level 626
Start by collecting the clams
You can achieve this by making 2 matches one after the other
Try making larger combos as quick as possible
Take advantage of the cascades that will ensue
Summary and Conclusion
This level is not an easy one. You’ve got to face some challenges. You don’t have to give up. You can grab some help from the video given above.
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Video Cheat Peaks for Farm Heroes Saga Level by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

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Farm Heroes Saga mobile at iPhone / iPad / Android – my review for FULL VERSION of FHS at mobile

Just search for Farm heroes Saga on the AppStore or search at Google Play to install Farm Heroes Saga at your mobile device.

Farm heroes Saga mobile

Farm Heroes Saga Mobile version iPhone

The mobile app at my iPhone goes up to 265 at the moment.


I think it is a little bit hard to play the mobile version, it kinda feels that I need to tap with more power than I am used too? Using a small pen with a soft tip makes the gaming experience better though. =)

Review: Farm Heroes Saga at Android / iPhone / iPad with Puffin.

I have had the chance to test out Farm Heroes Saga at an iPad, the experience wasn’t all the pleasant, but played with Puffin I can access the Farm Club and get the extra bonuses for completing Farm Club Levels! :D

I downloaded Puffin to play. Puffin is a flash browser developed for iPad / iPhone and Android. There is a 14 day trial period and then you can get more free flash time by recommending the browser to your friends by giving them your code so they get 4 more weeks for free. Click here to Download Puffin to play the FULL VERSION of Farm Heroes Saga on Android or iOS handheld device.

The problems with Puffin and Farm Heroes Saga was that on the iPad I couldn’t drag myself around the map, that meaning that I couldn’t play the earlier levels, only the one visible on the map upon loading the game. Requests to friends worked perfectly at the iPad, somehow ironic, since I am having problems with them while playing on PC…

logoThe switching elements in Farm Heroes Saga while you play a level is also different with the Puffin browser at iPad, at PC I can drag the elements in order to make matches, but on the iPad I had to tap. I really didn’t like that part. I like stuff that I do with my touch screens to be swoosh -swoosh, not tap – tap!!

I give Farm heroes Saga 3½ out of 5 stars played with Puffin. It will not become a primary thing for me, but I will probably play a Farm Heroes Saga level or two with my Android while I am waiting in line and stuff like that.



Farm Heroes Saga Level 80

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 80 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Group at Facebook

Farm Heroes Saga Level 80, requirements:

  1. Match 30 of each apples,
  2. carrots,
  3. suns
  4. and also make 2 chicks within only 14 moves!

Darm Heroes Saga 80 Level DesignIn the pic you can see how easily in few moves you can match 3 cracked eggs to get 1 chick so there is no problem to collect. Maybe you will have trouble collecting apples, suns and carrots because you have only 14 moves. Try to match on the grass for more points, and this is truly a hard level so if you have the hard core boosters charged just use them!

Video gameplay for Level 80 in Farm Heroes Saga uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Otherwise you will survive with the help of only shovels, you do know that you can buy shovels with Magic Beans?


Farm Heroes Saga Level 85

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 85 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

85In this last level of episode 6 you have only 10 moves to collect 28 carrots,apples and blue droplets and 18 suns.It can be done if we share one tip with you:on the pic you see 6 suns. DO NOT collect suns at the beginning cause that is all you’ve got and need 18 of them. Try to match beside them until the numbers are increased to 18 or you won’t be able to finish the level!

Video gameplay for Level 85 uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 – Make flowers

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

18Farm Heroes Saga Level 18 is a Farm Club Level

Start moves: 30
Task: Grow 6 flowers, match 18 suns and 18 blue droplets.

Howto Make flowers(do this first if possible): Match 3 to open by the flower, 3 to flower and 3 to pick.

Then Match 18 droplets and suns, make sure you make use of the little numbers on the fruits to make higher matches.

Remember that you kinda gain a move every time you can make a match that touches more than one flower.

Video gameplay for Level 18 uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, both videos are made by Lea Karamehić, please subscribe for the freshest updates to Farm Heroes Saga Videos!

The Upper video is completely without boosters.

This other video uses shovel boosters to gain that third star that is needed to join the farm club. The shovel can be obtained with Magic Beans, no need for gold bars here. ;-)

Farm Heroes Saga Level 38 – Get more animals for your Farm Club!

Tips for Farm Heroes Saga Level 38 by Farm Heroes Saga Help at Facebook

38Match 4 flowers, 2 chicks, 12 strawberries and 12 suns with 30 moves

This is the level where you have to recruit the animals to unlock rewards (frog, flamingo and crocodile) When you win something check you farm club to see what boosters have you unlock so you could use it when needed and of course you can play several times to recruit all three animals….
1 star: frog
2.stars: flamingo
3. stars: crocodile

You only get points for matching the suns and the strawberries, so the 3 Star solution might be a bit tricky to get, one recommendation is that you play the level for 1 or 2 stars and when you have spare boosters recharged, you can come back and get the 3 Stars needed for Crocodile. The booster you gain when getting 3 star is 3 pieces of the +1 Bonus rewarder booster and you can save that one forever in the Farm Club until you hit a really hard level! :)

Video gameplay for Level uploaded to Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!