Play with a clean slate on Google Plus

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share Magic Potions, but to who?

I have tried out Bubble Witch Saga on Google Plus these past days and want to share some of my thoughts about playing Bubble Witch Saga on Google Plus.

I created a Google Plus account to play Bubble Witch Saga. I am surprised in a good way on noticing that there are absolutely no ads in or around the game at Google Plus. How do King.Com get any money from bringing the game to Google Plus then? Well, they’ll just have to sell more Charms, in-game coins and extra lives to you. And we have to remember that the whole g+ network is to be considered BETA stage at this point. If it works out is yet to see, the money cow for King.Com is on facebook. But the costs for bringing a game from one social platform to another is on the other hand much smaller than developing a new one.

You buy in-game stuff by using the Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a quite new service from Google, so people haven’t signed up for it in crowds yet. It is easy though, you just need a credit card/Prepaid card and even if it mostly marketed to replace your ordinary Wallet, you can use it just online as well. You can find a video for Google wallet last in this post.

Someone already found me and added me to her circles. I can’t find any posts from her though…? I find my own posts very easily at the url and I think that there should be my new friends posts as well. Maybe she haven’t posted them as public or to that circle she added me to?

One odd thing I see with this service. There seem to be missing images. Or actually, they aren’t missing, they just doesn’t show up to me all the time. Considering that I am using Google’s own browser Chrome one would really have thought that it would work showing me all images! I also tried to play Bubble Witch Saga on Google Plus with Firefox 3.x. That didn’t work out at all. I guess that Firefox 3.x isn’t supported by Google Plus. I know that Bubble Witch Saga is supported for FF3, because right after failing to get anything else than a white box on g+ I loaded the game in the same browser at Facebook.

Now I really have rush, I must lure… Oops… I mean invite! some friends to Google Plus to play with me. ;)

The game is the same, so all advice here on Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site will apply, unless they are specifically pointed to be for Facebook.