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level-75-Haunted-Mansion-completedI was added to a small group earlier today. When checking up on what the group was about it’s permissions suddenly changed. The only Admin of the group seems to have abandoned this group today. Facebook suddenly announced that the group have no Admin. When I clicked the announcement Facebook asked me if I want to be an Admin for the group. I was a bit confused, but answered yes and added my good friend as admin as well.

Now the billion Bubble Witch Saga Coin question: What should I do with this group? I made some changes in the name, so it felt like mine and changed back the settings, so people can post in the group. As far as I know no one in the newly renamed Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group knows why the earlier Admin left. Do you?

I could close it up, make it a feeder for posts from this site, or use it for feedback for this site or maybe just a general place where people that likes the game and this site chats. Anybody with ideas are welcome to suggest. I am quite familiar with Facebook Pages for sites and Companies, but this Group thing is a new one to me.

[ UPDATE by Admin on February 19, 2012 ]
As there seemed to be a need for an active English speaking group, the Fan Site group have now grown to over 500 members since I decided to answer YES to that question from Facebook, if I want to be an Admin!!! The group is a great addition to this open web page and the members really try to help each other with tipps and tricks. Some tricks are updated to this page, but other tipps exists only in the group. There is a Search in the group, that you can use to get level tips for levels you do not find here at the Fan Site.

German Group Other groups that I would like to mention is the big French group and the not so big, but really fun group in German.

If you want to be mentioned here with your Bubble Saga Witch Group/Page/AndroidApp/Anything just let me know. But I warn you, I have had a few request for adding “Game Utility Downloads” and I haven’t found one single one that would be safe, so do not bother sending me any Cheat Engine or Auto Collector links for publishing. :mad:

Associating groups: Bubble Witch Saga Friends

Cheers, take care!