Facebook is storing YOUR Credit Card Number by default!

Avoid spending money on GOLD BARS by mistake

last_resort_will_cost_75sntThere is no harm spending a buck now and then on Bubble Witch Saga, but I think the spending have been made all to easy for us people that have limited resources of real money.

If you have bought coins/boosts/extra moves for Bubble Witch Saga even once, there is a huge probability that you have saved you billing information at Facebook.

Here is described how you remove/manage your billing information at Facebook with a PC or a Mac

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Upper left on your Facebook Page

Go to the upper right corner of Facebook, there you have an arrow. Click on the arrow and choose “Settings”, also remember to click on it! Then choose the “Payment”-link on the left side of the page, the straight link at the moment is https://secure.facebook.com/settings?tab=payments but you should really learn howto manage funds for your games for real rather than just bookmarking or trying to google this post back when you need to manage gold bar sources next time….

Choose manage to the right if you want to delete your credit card from facebook

Click to enlarge

If the row Payment methods announce that “You have 1 payment method saved.” or maybe even more, you can easily remove it by clicking the link “Manage” to the right.

If you want to have easy access for spending money at Facebook, you have the option to leave your payment information and the amount spent will automatically be withdrawn next time you want more bubbles, coins, lives, moves and every happy thing Saga Gold Bars can get you.

Ccleaner is a safe and free registry and cache cleaner

If you have problems with Bubble Witch Saga, you are often given the advise to “clear out your cache” or “delete you temporary Internet files”. What the….??? Well, I have made a guide for that earlier, on howto clear each of the most used browsers individually. If you aren’t getting in to BWS and have tried alternative browsers you are probably pissed as it is  already, and don’t feel like doing the same job with all your browsers one by one. Well my friend, you don’t have to. :)

get ccleaner

Click on the green button at your upper right hand to get CCleaner

Download and install CCleaner.  This picture above shows where exactly you should click at the download page to get the right program. Many are fooled by the ads at the page and can download the wrong thingy by accident, so be sure to click at the green button with the text “Download Latest Version”.

The Blogging Witches’ recommended preferences for optimizing BWS with CCleaner.

Open CCleaner. The first time you use it, it opens directly to the right place and you can choose to just hit the “Run Cleaner”-button and let it do it’s magic. The default settings however clears out Download and Internet history from your computer and those aren’t relevant to get a better working game, so I tend to unpick those options, as they contain relevant information to me.  You see at the example above, where I have moved to the right hand tab in the sweepers’ choice menu in CCleaner. That is how I tick the boxes, but the default settings are usually good for most of us.

I recommend that you clear out your cache at least once every week.

To make a deeper clean-up you should clean out your register. That you do by choosing the second box at the left hand side. First scan for registry errors, then just clean out them all. I have done this procedure successfully on hundreds of Windows machines and it have never caused any problems, cleaning the registry with Ccleaner just make the PC faster.

I recommend you run the registry Cleaner once every month.

Socialize for unlimited energy in Bubble Witch Saga!

As you all know, games on Facebook are called social games. In Bubble Witch Saga we haven’t yet discovered any limitations for how social you can be! You can request more energy from friends as often you want to.

The limitation with requesting extra lives is not that bad. The only that is mandatory when asking for more lives is that you have used at least one of your lives at  your own at the moment.

Ask friends for extra free lives

This means that you can ask for more lives as soon as you have used one life. If you have  a few friends online at the same time, you can chat with them and tell them when you have requested for a life in Bubble Witch Saga or ask them if it is ok to request for a life.

You can also send free lives to friends by clicking on the small red hearts with a plus sign (picture) on them. Those hearts are not activated all the time. You will have to wait for a certain time (maybe 2 hours?) before you can send a heart to the same person again. But you can respond to their requests for extra lives as often as you update the game.

And the best thing of all is that any life you get from a friend when your life cap is full is converted to 100 coins, so you get loads of coins if you don’t use as many lives that you receive!


Send hearts by clicking on the heart plus signs

Whenever you level up, fail a level or enter a level you have a list of friends to the right, that list also contains hearts to click on for sending them extra life as a much appreciated in-game gift.

If you see green check marks instead of hearts you have recently sent a life to that person.


Did you got a free life by watching advertisements?

[update] There are no more Adverts in Any of the King Games since June 2013, this post is no longer accurate, but remains here for historical reasons or something like that… :P

I haven’t managed to lure any ads to pop up in-game, but I am working on it. I played Bubble Witch Saga and used Facebook in English until today. My friend that is using Facebook in Swedish have got five free lives in the past 24 hours. At first when she told me that she is getting free lives from thin air, when reached 0 energy I didn’t believe her.

poster for free energy, free life, free heart

She couldn’t tell me what she clicked to get those free hearts or anything. But fortunately I had the opportunity to sit beside her earlier today and could see the in-game ad popup myself. It IS real!

One other difference that I sadly can not reproduce with our accounts is that she NEVER ever use facebook coins. But I have now changed my facebook to Swedish and I have high hopes for free lives. :D I’ll keep this post updated!

About 30-40 games later, no free lives, no pop-ups for any commercials:

Nothing yet and the “wrong” language at Facebook starts to irritate me. I know that fb-apps tends to be treating customers differently overall, but it isn’t fun AT ALL when one self feel mistreated…. :P

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I got the picture from my friend today, so here is a picture that someone really get the free lives. The funny thing is, she clicks to accept watching a commercial and then there is a white screen for a second and she gets her so much wanted extra life. No ad seen.

Store the extra hearts your friends send you!

[ Last UPDATED by Admin on February 16, 2012 at 20:02, changes to fit the new great feature that turns lives into coins ]

This is a tip I know that many of you are going to appreciate. Energy in Bubble Witch Saga has a cap of, five, six, seven or at this point max eight hearts right know. You get extra lives from friends, but the problem is that you get them even when you already are at the energy peak of your own.

I have devised a trick for saving lives until I need them. It is totally legitimate and will safe you a lot of hearts.


Never close the tab with Bubble Witch Saga!

My cheat for sparing hearts is multi tabbing for all other tasks in the web. All modern browsers allows you to use many tabs, so just pin the game and never close your browser. On this picture I have four tabs open. I tend to have the tab Bubble Witch Saga open all the time and I just do all the other browsing in other tabs. Doing it like this you can play all your energy, reload your page and have a lot of hearts to collect. If you close the tab with Bubble Witch Saga in between times you play your hearts will be changed to coins when you load the game with the energy cap reached.

I have also noticed that the hearts/coins tends to buffer up somehow with this method. So when I load I get say six hearts and if I reload again in ten minutes, there is hearts transformed into coins that have been sent to me hours ago!

This is great when you go to do your domestics, go to school or work, you leave the tab open on your computer and let the time go buy, you return later on and continues in the same tab, play your hearts and then use all the gifts that you have stored!

Tabbed browsing is just so great, don’t you think?! :D

Price on 7 hearts seems pretty cheap now

I wonder if it is just something especially for me, or maybe an overall in-game thing. The price for me to fill up my hearts to seven would be just 9 facebook coins. I remember that I sometimes a few weeks back was thinking, that almost everything is fair priced in Bubble Witch Saga, but not the energy fill. I remember it as something like several euros, maybe 39 facebook coins. If you have any idea, please let me know, okey?

I don't remember the price as cheap as 9 FB coins