Candy Crush Jelly Saga is now available for Android, iPad and iPhone!

Candy Crush Jelly Saga has been released With 120 awesome Levels!

candycrushjellysagaiPadDownload Candy Crush Saga for your Android, iPad or iPhone!

Android download link:

iOS download: or just type in  Candy Crush Jelly Saga in the App Store at your device!

If you want to play Candy Crush Jelly Saga at your computer, PC/Mac, check out this guide:

Farm Heroes Saga iOS Update gone wrong – and how I FIXED it

Farm Heroes Saga mobile update available

Farm Heroes Saga MobileThere are now 370 Farm heroes Saga levels available for your iPad or iPhone, almost as many as the Full Farm Heroes Saga Facebook version has! :D

I updated an iPad mini Farm Heroes Saga App fast and successfully, even if it had an older iOS version installed, the Farm Heroes Saga Mobile App opened up and was fully functional. The app is still perfectly working after updating to the latest iOs version too. =)

With the iPhone4 Farm Heroes Saga Update I encountered problems, but I just removed the app and made a complete shutdown of my phone before I re-installed the Farm Heroes Saga Mobile App and I can now play without any problems.

But I am still moaning for the Farm Club at the mobile App. I am kinda hoping that it would be there somewhere, but that I am just too ignorant to find it?!

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This is the Blogging Witch Tracy playing the last available level for Farm Heroes Saga Mobile

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Our Facebook Page is called Farm Heroes Saga Fans, the group is a closed group named Farm Heroes Saga Help, JOIN NOW! And as a backbone we use the Farm Heroes Saga Level Guide right HERE! The FHS level index contains video links and lot of tricks and tips for ALL Levels in Farm Heroes Saga.

I got FREE SCROLLS when I updated my iPhone Bubble Witch Saga App!

Bubble Witch Saga iPhone Update

I got free scrolls and wishes with the latest bubble witch saga mobile app update!

The latest Bubble Witch Saga Mobile App for iPhone/iPad was launched the other day (19th Feb 2014) and I have now updated my phone. I was surprised with a nice gift.

We now have 52 Eternal Isles that we can play in the mobile app and 445 Main Map Levels. All the scrolls are also available. You buy the scrolls before you enter a level and use them by tapping at the boards right hand side to use them. When you have used the freebie scrolls you need to pay real money to get more.

The iPhone App now goes up to Level 445!

Farm Heroes Saga mobile at iPhone / iPad / Android – my review for FULL VERSION of FHS at mobile

Just search for Farm heroes Saga on the AppStore or search at Google Play to install Farm Heroes Saga at your mobile device.

Farm heroes Saga mobile

Farm Heroes Saga Mobile version iPhone

The mobile app at my iPhone goes up to 265 at the moment.


I think it is a little bit hard to play the mobile version, it kinda feels that I need to tap with more power than I am used too? Using a small pen with a soft tip makes the gaming experience better though. =)

Review: Farm Heroes Saga at Android / iPhone / iPad with Puffin.

I have had the chance to test out Farm Heroes Saga at an iPad, the experience wasn’t all the pleasant, but played with Puffin I can access the Farm Club and get the extra bonuses for completing Farm Club Levels! :D

I downloaded Puffin to play. Puffin is a flash browser developed for iPad / iPhone and Android. There is a 14 day trial period and then you can get more free flash time by recommending the browser to your friends by giving them your code so they get 4 more weeks for free. Click here to Download Puffin to play the FULL VERSION of Farm Heroes Saga on Android or iOS handheld device.

The problems with Puffin and Farm Heroes Saga was that on the iPad I couldn’t drag myself around the map, that meaning that I couldn’t play the earlier levels, only the one visible on the map upon loading the game. Requests to friends worked perfectly at the iPad, somehow ironic, since I am having problems with them while playing on PC…

logoThe switching elements in Farm Heroes Saga while you play a level is also different with the Puffin browser at iPad, at PC I can drag the elements in order to make matches, but on the iPad I had to tap. I really didn’t like that part. I like stuff that I do with my touch screens to be swoosh -swoosh, not tap – tap!!

I give Farm heroes Saga 3½ out of 5 stars played with Puffin. It will not become a primary thing for me, but I will probably play a Farm Heroes Saga level or two with my Android while I am waiting in line and stuff like that.



A few thoughts on mobile app issues.

Bubble Witch Saga iOS problems

Bubble-witch-saga-iPhoneIf you use the game at both a PC and a mobile app, you can’t really control what comes where. I am sure there is some logical order, but I can’t figure out it, since it seem fairly random. 

If you have problems getting requests to your mobile app. there are many things you can do to try to fix the problems. Try both to disconnect and reconnect to Facebook via the iOS settings and within the app. You can also try to disconnect the whole device from Internet and open up the game. Then turn off your device and on again and when reconnecting the app, you might get the requests bubbling in. 

deleting and reinstalling the app is always a good idea to try out with any of King’s mobile apps if they aren’t working properly. 

For some reason these things might have to be repeated several times before you see any results and the thing that seem to work for “everyone” else might not work for you. The later often because you might not have the exact same issue, even if it might look like that.

Eternal Isles 41 open with the help of your friends

If you have a working mobile app at your Apple device – DO NOT UPDATE!

Updating the iPhone/iPad app at the moment seem to cause problems with your mobile app.

Source: the official BWS forums.

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 41 and 42 have changed status.

Detail from Eternal Isles 42, Level 7

Detail from Eternal Isles 42, Level 7

You don’t need to pay in order to play Eternal Isles 41 now, and we also got new Eterbal Isles levels – Eternal Isles 42.

You can find all the Eternal Isles 41 Levels played without charms in this Eternal Isles 41 PLAYLIST at Youtube and the Eternal Isles 42 PLAYLIST is under construction.

Eternal Isles 41, Level 10:

Eternal Isles 42, Level 5:

Coins for FB players and an update for iOS players

For those of you that are waving for wishes, please check that you are waving in both ends, you can’t get a Lottery ticket, if I can’t find you in both ends. That’s the rule and it is not fair if I give out tickets to people that aren’t doing the whole task. There is still 12 tickets to be given out. You can share the contest to get it filled up faster by clicking HERE.

Bubble Witch Saga iOS update

We were a bit afraid that the next update for iOS devices would take away Wilbur’s shop on mibile as well, but they are still present to be purchased. My  best guess why they still are present, is because the update was submitted to Apple before the FB update to remove Wilbur’s shop was implemented, so I am not going to be surprised if it vanish from mobile devices as well.

Today’s daily Bonus Level from iPad. (9th March 2013)

The news for the iOS update is some new coin packs to buy in Wilbur’s shop and the buggy thing to watch ads to get coins seems to have been removed. The gameplay itself have been improved so that you can see your Charms and the rainbow Bubble when you have entered a level. No more huzzling to tap to get them visible. There are also the option  to buy a bubble of your choice in the middle of the game, but the price is really high, my account had a price for 89 euro cnt for that, in comparison to the 6 FB Credits while playing with my PC I once again have to tell you… Apple is good, but is it THAT good?

Bubble Witch Saga FREE COINS (valid until 15th/16th March 2013)

Here are some FREE coins for Bubble Witch Saga, but as usual they are flash based, so if you really want to collect them with your mobile device, have a look at this article about the flash browser that you can install for free to use FB  for gaming with your Android/iPad/iPhone.

  1. 500 Free Coins
  2. 500 Free Coins
  3. 500 Free Coins
  4. 500 Free Coins
  5. 500 Free Coins
  6. 500 Free Coins
  7. 350 Free Coins
  8. 350 Free Coins
  9. 350 Free Coins