Level 111 – fairly simple despite the obstacles

Level 111 is pretty straightforward – all the baddies are where you can get at them or avoid them.

First, clear the two bombs on both sides, which unless you’re terribly unlucky with color matches should be easy.

Second, get rid of the skull doom bubbles by detaching them on both ends – they are not attached to the bubbles overhead for a change.  Again, that should be easy.

Uh oh…here comes the infection.  Hopefully you have gotten rid of the skull bubbles by now so the infection won’t attach itself to them through bubbles you shoot at them! The infection luckily can not attach to Morph Bubbles.   Just be sure to get enough southerly bubbles out of the way so that the level drops…the ceiling is only one level away – hurray!  From there on it should be just the luck of the bubble-draw to make those bubblies fall.

Consider Level 111 as ‘training wheels’ for what is to come.