Level 115 demands big thinking

Think big, fellow bubblers, big! Managing level 115 demands that. You need to embrace the whole level to get through.

The first big goal with level 115 is shown in the Pic above. I have drawn a pink bubble with the text Burst! on what to focus on. You just focus on bursting bubbles in the middle first. There is no need and not enough bubbles to try to take down both lower black bubble-rows separately. When aiming to burst the middle black row, you have one big problem though. You can’t see the Bombs (shown below this text) in the upper left corner. Bombs marked for level 115

Proof two Stars  achieved  level 115

Proof that two Stars are achieved at level 115. Click on image to enlarge.

Here is a video walk through, where skillgaming shows us how to solve level 115.  Thank you very much for the video pr0n, skillgaming. :)

[ update 03/16/12 ] Alternate crazy strategy: This time I used all potions except the yellow Spiders. I went up with an even strategy, clearing out kind of row by row. I managed NOT to let the Bombs start ticking at all and took out the ceiling from the right side. was worth 2 Stars.

If you have the Precision Charm, you want to go up at the right side first, that is the most likely way to get 3 Stars at Level 115.

Basic non Charm Strategy by skillgaming, thx skillgaming for sharing! <3