Level 13 is cursed?

Starting Bubbles: 45
Recommended Boosters: Golden Spiders
Special Balls: None

Well, I have played far-far beyond level 13, I promise that! Getting one or two stars without any potions is easy, just make a big bunch of bubbles in the middle and use angle-shots to drop 12+ bubbles, when you have two spiders, that solves a two star issue for sure.


Burst the Bubble in the pink marked areas first, then you’ll need to to angle shots, like the black arrow shows.

Now I am trying to improve my score and get three stars, but there doesn’t seem to be any other trick than using coins or even Facebook coins to get three stars on level 13. If you doesn’t consider luck as a trick of course. Please comment on this post if you think level 13 is easy.

Video by Jorge

Limerick about level 13 by Linda Patterson:

The witch, she drank her witches brew;
Jumped on her broom and off she flew;
to level 13,
no waste of time;
for soon she’ll conquer and all will be fine!