Farm Heroes Saga Level 132

Level Help, Tips, Strategies and Video for Farm Heroes Saga Level 132 by Farm Heroes Saga Help Members and Admins.

Farm Heroes Saga Level 132Moves: 30
Needing: 60 strawberries, 40 droplets, 40 suns
Farm Heroes Saga Level 132 bring more slime but nicely for us, also more grass :). Not only can you get more value if you build up lines of crops on the grass, you can also remove the grumpies using it. Don’t be fooled though, its not as easy as it looks; with the way the slime is positioned, it means you cannot make lines across.
Remember, moving grumpies onto the grass removes their grumpy faces :)
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Level 132 – Unlock and Disarm

As you can see(strategy pic 1), there is a Bomb and a locked ghost chain in the lower region of level 132. It is not mandatory for success, to unlock the chain before setting the Bomb of, but in 90% of the cases, that is the strategy to go with.

When you have unlocked the chain(strategy pic 2), there is an infection that rushes down. You need to get rid of the lower Bomb ASAP, or you are stuck with it attached to the  infection, ticking down and ruining your chances.

But beware! There is this other Bomb a bit higher up, that you very easily sets off if you don’t play very carefully(strategy pic 3). If the accident although happen and the Bomb start ticking, you should surround the Bomb with bubbles from your cauldron and you get some extra time to try to unlock the chain.

After clearing out the first Bomb and stopping the Infection, you need to use angle shots to reach the bubbles above the row of black obsticles. The bankshots via the left wall are hopefully easy to do. The bankshots via the right wall can be made easier if you hit some loose bubbles in the black column and thereby lift the whole scenario. These bubbles have to be considered as an investment. They will soon fall into the cauldrons and make some score for you.

After unlocking the second chain, I think that you’ll manage without any further tips, please watch this great video from skillgaming to get an even better grip on level 132.