Level 136 has a master design for both skill and puzzle gamers

136 list of boosters and rec's and obtacles

At this point you are probably quite skilled with bankshots already, so the best strategy for the lower part of level 136 is to drop the other row of Doom Skull Bubbles the first thing you do. Then you have a really wide selection of clusters to pop! I prefer to clear out the left side of level 136 first, sionce the trhree in the background gives me better marks for adjusting my aim for the bankshots. But the reality is that we seldom have the luxury to choose.

Getting to the ceiling is not the most easy part, the black bubbles attached to the ceiling are really messing things up for the player. But luckily we can stop the countdown for a Bomb Bubble easily if the other side is still covered. Look at the picture for spot where you can actually use a ball from the cauldron to stop a Bomb. This way we can shoot some hole in the ceiling, then stop the Bomb and shoot another hole! This gives us the time to use all our Bubbles from the Cauldron!

Video walkthrough by skilllgaming

Wohoo! Lots of in-game news!

The winter cemetery has arrived! At last! Thank you Vicki, for the tips. :) As usual, when moving on to a new area of the Saga map, we need 3 friends or 12 FB-coins to break a spell to enter.
There is also a new Charm of Disarm unlocked. It costs 142 FB coins. Other news is that the gifts are turned purple from the Christmas red presents. And of course that Christmas is over for now. A little late, but we haven’t gone crazy, so it is alright. :)



The beginning of level 136


Level 137 might need some Magic Potions, but I'll try without Potions a few times first.

New levels planned for tomorrow!?

Bubble Witch Saga Developer at Work!

Click to go to the official pic.

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[edit] I wonder if I got this right now? Is the next Thursday tomorrow or the Thursday after that?

I just caught this picture from the official Facebook page for Bubble Witch Saga and it is one of the devs wotrking on new levels, that are planned to be released on Thursday! Great Work! Cheer on her/him in the Comments at the facebook Page! :D