Level 14, shoot above bubbles to Score Good!

Level 14 demands you to farm points, getting all the 90 000 points can be a life consuming hobby, not to mention if you are going for more than 1 Star.

I provide a picture in this post that is a question to be answered for one of the best general tricks in Bubble Witch Saga, it is good almost for every level: Here at level 14 a blue bubble is next up. We now have two possibilities, we can either do a burst of four straight up or a burst of three little to the right from the four-bubble-burst. Which one would you choose?

The logical thing to do here is to choose the three-bubble-burst. Why?

The three-bubble-burst will save one bubble compared to the four-bubble-burst. That one more bubble falling into a cauldron can be your life-saver for the level, because it will give you more points falling into a cauldron, then what it would give you, if you just burst it.

Don’t miss upon pairing up or/and making cluster bursts. If you miss in the beginning of Level 14 it isn’t that bad as if you miss when you are about to drop the ceiling.

Keep your focus on the bubbles higher up, don’t burst easy targets down low the level, instead try to drop those bubble clusters on the spiders to score good.

This video walkthrough is visualizing those tips above.

Need even more help? No problem! :D Here is another nice video walkthrough for level 14, brought to us by Jorge.