Level 140 – conquer the King.Com crown!

. . Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles
You’ll need to get the bubbles from the cauldron to burst bubble clusters ABOVE the crown of infected bubbles. Keep the mouse pointer directly at the pole and use the background picture to adjust your aiming. (Image 1)



Image 2

When you have managed to drop the crown: Unlock the chain! By leaving the bubble clusters on the sides intact, you’ll have a lot of bubbles to drop in the cauldron, when the ceiling breaks. If you plan ahead, you can check out what kind of clusters there will be above the chain, you may have to sacrifice the other side bubble cluster before you unlock the chain. (image 2) Because after the lock is broken, you’ll have only 9 shots left until the Bomb detonate. I tried altering the strategy by stopping the Bomb Bubble and even if it is possible to get 1 Star that way too, it is much harder, because you’ll have to let spiders go back up, when you seal the Bomb.

Video by Sebastian

Video by skillgaming