Level 142 – Don’t let the infections columns grow into one

Bubble Witch Saga Level 142

Starting Bubbles: 65
Recommended Potions: 7 extra bubbles, Rainbow bubbles
Useful Charms: Antidote, Precision, Foresight
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 125 000, 180 000, 235 000
Special bubbles: Doom, virus, morph, crystal, spider

You have a column of infection bubbles on each side marked in black, a line of doom bubbles in center marked in red, spider bubbles above are marked in blue and do not pose a problem and the of crystal bubbles above are marked in purple. You do NOT see the two additional columns of infection bubbles in the screen above.

Pic 1: Clear out a portion of the bottom bubbles and work your way up the sides of infection. Do not clear all the bubbles under the doom bubbles or you will run out of bubbles. The infection spreads slowly inwards. There are morph bubbles around the tops of infection and are circled in pic. Be very careful as the infection from above has been creeping down. If the two infection strands touch, your game is over. The ceiling will never lower. The infection on the right and left plus the doom bubbles must all be dropped before your next screen appears.


Right side lower virus cluster dropped.

Pic 2: This shows the first strand of infection has been dropped. Second column to be dropped shortly and the morph bubbles are easier to see around the top.


Viruses are attached to the ceiling

Pic 3: This is your next screen with new strands of infection bubbles on either side as well as crystal bubbles lower screen. Infection spreads slowly inwards. To have the ceiling drop into view you must drop the infection on each side. Proceed through center and clear upper bubbles away from infection. You will use a lot of bubbles in this level. TIP: It is not necessary to drop screen in order to drop ceiling. Watch for the messages telling you how many holes in the ceiling you still have to get. If you are low on bubbles shoot for your clusters. A rainbow bubble is also useful if your colors don’t match.

142 played for 3 Stars. :)

Here is also a Level video provided by Sebastián Ramírez.

Level 142 – Don’t mess with the Morps

Following tips are published with permission of and written by Rory Violett.

“For the 1st half, don’t worry too much about the virus balls. Just clear out as much as you can to get to the balls that change colors that are holding up both of the virus strands on the side….DO NOT mess up on the changing color balls though when trying to drop the sides.

Next is the solution, try not to open any of the crystal balls on the sides before you knock down the row of doom bubbles or the virus will spread too much.

Once you get the dooms down by angle shots, just focus on going up the middle working out to the sides BUT make sure you don’t let the top virus section get too long or you cant see the top…by not breaking the crystals too early.

I have tried this level over and over and is is one of teh few I have left where I can’t get 3 stars on no matter on what I try. GOOD LUCK :)”

Morph Bubbles – post includes great trick!

Morph Bubble Morph Bubbles are shape shifting Bubbles introduced at level 106. They change colour every other turn. The colour pair for a Morph Bubble is determined in the beginning of each level where you can find Morph Bubbles.

morph-bubbles-106-polymorpicBLUE – PURPLE

The ting with Morph Bubbles is to memorize the colour pair and use tactical thinking while playing a level where they appears. I use to go “red-blue, red-blue” as a mantra in my head, just memorizing one pair. The other can be discovered by knowing the first Morph Bubble pair.

Trick provided by Jari Kanerva: Take two screen shots and have them both open, that way you don’t need to remember ow they change. :)

These Morph bubbles might seem very challenging, but as plaster on the wound these colour changing Bubbles can not be infected!

I have figured out a way to cheat these Bubbles, if you double click when shooting Bubbles, the first Bubble go away so fast, that it hit the Morph before it have had the opportunity to change colour. This way I have more chances of clearing a Morph than I otherwise would have.

Examples on levels with Morph Bubbles: level 106, 137, 142

In the video clip from level 137 I have a baby blue bubble to shoot and after that I really fast slide to pointer slightly to the left and take down the yellow bubble cluster as well.

On Youtube, there is some settings to slow down the video, I suggest you tune to ½ speed and HD over there, if you don’t get the idea by watching it here. :)

My six year old kid came up with another really good cheat for Morph Bubbles. She loaned me her crayons, baby blue, purple, red, green and yellow, so I can make small marks when the level begins and check from my marks how the Morph Bubbles are paired up. :)