Level 149 – video guide

Starting Bubbles: 45
Recommended Potions: Rainbow Bubble Rainbow Bubbles
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 90 000, 140 000, 180 000
Special bubbles:patti level 149a layout
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles
Crystal Bubble Crystal Bubbles

Pic 149a: Note the large question mark cluster of mystery bubbles extending from ceiling to bottom.  They are completely encased with crystals including the inside.  Start up the sides clearing your matching clusters and crystals will break along the way.  Do not hit your mystery bubbles until most of the other bubbles have been cleared so you can drop quickly should it be a Patti Level 149bbomb.  Do not attempt to hit all of the mystery bubbles or you will run out of bubbles.

Pic 149b:  The bubbles around the mysteries have been cleared and are safer to hit at this point.  The lower portion of bubbles must be cleared.  You must go through the mystery bubbles to drop the lower section as marked in picture.  If your sides are cleared, the screen will lower and ceiling will be seen.Patti level 149c

Pic 149c:  The ceiling is seen.  Continue to clear your bubble clusters to ceiling until you only need a couple of holes to drop.  Start hitting your mystery bubbles for extra points.  If you do ignite a bomb, drop ceiling before the final count.  Use rainbow bubbles to help drop the ceiling if needed.