Level 24, 3 Star video with the Yelllow Spider Potion

Bubble Witch Saga Level 24

Starting bubbles: 60
No Potions are needed to pass Level 24
Points needed for 1 star:  55 000, 2 stars: 80 000, 3 stars: 100 000
Special bubbles: black bubbles

Image Made with the Charm of Scrolling

Concentrate and look in the middle at the very the beginning to see the bubbles in the middle that are going up and can’t be seen and memorize them so that you have something to burst when banking shots that “can’t be done”. You can also take a screen cap to have beside the game, that way you don’t need to remember the colours.

Burst down one of the lower black bubble rows at first, then you can bank shots off the wall to reach to shoot above the other black rows.

You can try to look where the cursor is held in this video walkthrough to do a dazzling 3 Star score yourself. :)