Level 33: duck-and-weave and a nasty surprise at the top

A still from the beginning of level 33 in Bubble Witch Saga

A still from the beginning of level 33 in Bubble Witch Saga

Starting Bubbles: 45 
Recommended Potions: 7 extra Bubbles in the Starting Cauldron
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 65,000  90,000  111,000 
Special bubbles: poison spiders, black bubbles 

Level 33 

The poison spiders are not as kind on level 33 as in level 27 – they are placed where you have to deal with them with, perhaps, a nice collection of gold spiders ready to boost your score.  If you are lucky and have some color-pairs to help you shoot around them, good.  Otherwise, plan your moves carefully because there is danger ahead.

First, some of those black bubbles are hidden in the dark parts of the trees, ready to make you waste your bubbles if you aren’t paying close attention.

You especially don’t want to waste your ammo with this level.   Unseen at the top is the long side of an upside down triangle of black bubbles that takes up all but 10 clear shots at those cherished stars.  Either you can be very VERY lucky and have good bubbles to shoot at each end, or you had better have enough ammunition to get to compatible colors.  Level 33’s ceiling is a nasty surprise the first time around if you aren’t prepared for it!  In using the potion of extra holes (3) in the ceiling, there is a slight chance that one or more of the spaces might interfere with an angle shot needed to get your 9 holes; you’ll have to decide for yourself whether to risk it.


Here is a video walkthrough for level 33 by Sebastian. Thank you very much Sebastian! <3