Level 35 is such an annoying level argh

Click here for the fast guide for lvl 35.

Stats for level 35

Level 35 is a difficult level, so it is a good idea to be well prepared. You should really consider to purchase Charms of Precision, it is a great tool to help you play like a pro!

I have spent a lot of in-game coins on Magic Potions and very many lives before I finally managed to make a 3 Star score at Level 35.

level-35-strategy-picIn the very beginning you want to burst the lowest row of bubbles. And maybe some Spiders. Actually we don’t want to burst those Spider Bubbles, but sometimes we just have to. Then you want top make room for your final angle shots. You can do that by bursting away bubbles in a V shape. Do the V-strategy for victory! :) The rest is up to you and your aiming skills.


3 Star video with +7 bubbles, +3 holes in the ceiling and RB Bubble: Th eMagic Potion Rainbow Bubble can be used after you get 130 Stars in the game.

P.S The next one to burst in  the strategy picture is at your RIGHT hand. If you don’t recall why, see level 14.