Level 42 – take your gold star and run!

Level 42 is a VERY difficult level.   While it is true that there are only doom skull
to contend with, they are in lines staggered from the walls in a
right-left-right sequence, and in order to make an angle shot off  a wall, you must
clear the opposite wall enough to set that shot up.  You are given 70 ammunition
bubbles, which looks very generous, but you’ll probably need them all in order to
accomplish your goal.  Level 42 is one of those levels that you will be happy to get
through, and if you only get one star, you may want to take it and run.

You’ll probably want the potion of  extra spaces at the top, at least, due to the
difficulty of the level, and golden bubbles at beginning and end wouldn’t hurt,
either.  No matter what, it will be a challenge.

Here is a great video walkthrough for Bubble Witch Saga level 42 brought to you by Skillgaming.de