Level 43 really need patience

Starting bubbles: 80
Recommended potions: 7 Extra Bubbles
Special Bubbles: Skulls aka Doom Bubbles

This level is one of the harder one. I have managed to get best results by clearing the left side first, and then use well placed shots via the wall. This however can force you to shoot in an angle higher than you see bubbles. So taking a screen cap in the beginning of the level could help you there, if you don’t have the Charm of Scrolling. Luck have quite a big share on beating this game. If you aren’t precise when you first begin the level you’ll probably are going to be that after playing a few days.

There are a LOT of Doom Bubbles in level 43

There are a LOT of Doom Bubbles in level 43

Please watch this video for additional hints! :)


Here is an additional video for Level 43, this one is made by Sebastian Ramirez and well… Maybe the Luck part is more usual than we think? ;-) LOLs, no…