Level 46 and the terrible virus bubbles!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 46

Starting bubbles: 30
Points needed for stars: 1- 30 000, 2 – 60 000, 3 – 80 000
Special bubbles: Infected Bubble Infected Bubbles

Pictures, strategies and tips by Teresa Atkinson and Patti Frazier-Laundree

Pic 46: The ceiling is already seen. There are three infection bubbles (yellow circles) spread across screen on top of triangular clusters of bubbles.

A virus bubble at the top of the three triangle, contain the virus bubbles. Aim to burst small clusters of bubbles to get green spiders before you drop larger clusters to score points.

CLICK! to catch up more about the Infected Bubbles

Video for Level 46 by hbyde

Infected bubbles

Oh no, the bubbles have gone sick. Hurry to get rid of all bubbles under the infected bubbles, because the plague spreads down-wise. One infected bubble will infect other bubbles underneath.You often get a chance to burst bubbles above the infection and then the infection fall into the cauldrons generating lots of points.

Infected bubbles are introduced at level 46. Special thanks to tumba25 for tipsing about the level. :)

Sick bubbles from level 46

Oh no! The curse tormenting the country is starting to infect the bubbles.

Insight by KellyK:
Infections give priority to shots that make clusters. If you have a situation where you have two bubbles and can’t help but hit an infected bubble as well, the infection won’t take your shot away.


The charm of antidote is probably a good charm to invest in.

If you are a money player, there is a way to heal infected bubbles. You will need to buy the magic charm of antidote, it’s current price is 117 facebook coins.




Here is a video walkthrough for level 46 uploaded by skillgaming.