Level 48 – LIFT the Level!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 48 (guide updated after breaking changes June 2013)

Starting Bubbles: 48
Recommended Potions: Optional – 7 extra bubbles
Useful Charm: Precision Charm
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 90 000, 110 000, 130 000
Special bubbles: Black Bubbles, Infection Bubbles

Strategy including Diagram Picture by Patti Frazier-Laundree. 

There are two infection bubbles one on each side indicated by a white line in diagram. In the center of the bubbles is a pyramid of black bubbles. You can not let your infection bubbles pass beneath the third row in the pyramid. This is shown with a red line. If they do it will interfere with any angle shots you want to make and you won’t be able to clear the bubbles between the infection and pyramid. There are two strategies to attack the infection bubbles which spread very quickly.

48Strategy 1 needs bubbles to be lifted with two bubbles in order to reach properly to drop the side infections, this is indicated by a green line and labeled A in diagram picture. Look at the small picture at your right hand side to see what I mean. I find you need well matched color bubbles and great clusters. Without them the infection spreads too fast and you are not able to make the angle shots needed to complete.

Strategy 2 indicated by a yellow line and marked B in diagram, attacks the infection from below. If it does not pass the red line you can still work your angle shots to drop the pyramid and the infection. You are then home free to tackle the ceiling.

You can also combine both strategies and see what works best for you. A lot depends on the bubbles you are dealt.

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Video by Jorge Valenzuela Meléndez