Level 50 guide with strategy pictures

This is the guide to help you play Level 50 in Bubble Witch Saga

3 Star Charm video by the Youtube channel attached to this website. the Blogging Witches, please subscribe!The following charms are used: Precision, Foresight, Fortune Spiders, Shielded Spiders, Scrolling.

stats for lvl50


Extra holes in the ceiling is a blessing at level 50

The upper picture shows how strict you will have to be at level 50, not to let the infection spread. You will have to focus on clearing out the pair of black bubbles really (I mean really) efficiently. I have marked the same black bubble as an eight ball on both pictures, so you can get a grip on why it is essential to stop the infection.

When the infection at level 50 is successfully stopped, you can chill and shoot those angle shots that you are so good at after reaching all the way to level 50.
Right in the beginning (0:26 –>) of this video (shown to us by skillgaming) there is a great example of an useful way to get rid of the black bubble couple.

And here is another good video walkthrough for Level 50, made by Yusuf. :)