Level 7 – Generate coins for yourself and your bubbie buddies

With just a little bit more than half of my personal high score I made 100 coins.

By replaying easy levels, you can get lots of 100 coin rewards.

But you can also get 250 coin REWARDS by playing 3 Stars on level 7(and 17 and 87).

Please let me know what levels you think are easy, if I get tips I’ll repost them here, so more people can generate more coins and everybody benefits!

As for now, level 7 is my absolute favorite. I have played it for 3 Stars a long time ago, but I still can generate 100 coins. Getting 2 Stars on level 7 is an easy peacy for high level players, so go on and EARN SOME COINS!

Use the “My wf”-method to collect as much as possible in as short period as possible.

Special thanks to ewa, that gave me this idea.

Happy bubbling!

You can read more about getting coins by clicking at this text.

[UPDATE by Victoria Muller]

There are 2 easy ways to generate coins, alone and with your friends.

1. You can send HEARTS to all your friends and as they accept them, they click to return 100 coins to you. As of right now you can send hearts to each other as often as you like. I would pick a few good friends and bounce them back and forth for a while so you can gather up some good coinage. All you need to do is keep logging in and out again.

2. By replaying easy levels, you can get in game bonuses. 

Personally I like Level 7 as I find it the easiest. Others have reported that 17 and 87 are also easy – I’ll let you decide 

Happy Bubbling!

Here is a video walkthrough so you can see for yourself. :)