level 90 needs no Magic Potions

 Starting Bubbles: 45
 Recommended Potions: none (extra holes in the ceiling makes it easier though)
 Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star: 60 000, 75 000, 100 000
 Special bubbles:
Crystal BubbleCrystal Bubbles,black-bubble-is-hard-as-rockBlack Bubbles, yellow-spider-bubble.pngSpider Bubbles, 1 Bomb Bubble.

My advise for passing level 90 is to ignore that spider bubbles are spider bubbles and take the loss. That will guarantee you a quite fast 1-star performance on the level. I also suggest you don’t flip around to near the Bomb Bubble. It is in a tricky place to shot above if you hit it, but that depends (as usual) a lot on luck too. Fortunately for us the Bomb Bubble is surrounded with shielding Crystals, so it is hard to hit by accident.

Here is skillgaming.de’s game for level 90