level 94 – Did you know that there are nice viruses?

At level 94 you got infected bubbles, but this is one of the few virus levels where they aren’t bad. As a matter of fact: They are quite an opposite to bad, because the’ll turn into delicious points when falling into the cauldron near the end.

To get maximized Score on level 94, you should start it out  by making a big hole in the middle and gaps besides the skull bubble row. Doing this you soon have the possibility to drop large bubble clusters from the both sides on some spiders, hopefully one or two green ones.

You’ll need to do some very tricky angle shots via the wall to drop the big infected triangle. When the triangle is down, you have more than one Star worth of Points. (Most of the times. ;-)) but unfortunately you may not always have enough balls to free the ceiling.

Maybe this 3-Star-video can help you even more? For more Videos for Bubble Witch Saga , please check out the Youtube Channel named BubbleWitchSaga! :D