Level 97

Strategy Picture 2, lvl 97

Strategy Picture 2

In the very beginning I used the non-fitting colours as placeholders to build up clusters to burst the icing from the crystals. (Strategy Picture 1)
That although is just a precautionary measure, because all the most I was wishing to build up a green spider with the 10-15 bubbles AND have vanished the Bomb. That way there is a chance to drop all those crystals at the lower part of level 97 as a cluster. But that is really kind of hi-fi. (Fun though)
To get as little headache and as much score as possible at level 97 I decided to leave the third Bomb as is and just drop the ceiling before it detonated. (Strategy Picture 2)


And that is the simple story on how I go 3 Stars on level 97…

Special thanks to Carol-Anne Yard, for helping me build this manual.