I am the Baroness, MEOW!

Lumia, the BaronessI moved in with one of the Blogging Witches just today and her main duties will be entertaining me between and while levels. I have seen the nasty Spider Bubbles and I can probably help her out by eating some of them, as they are quite tasty.

I am Lumia, the Baroness, I am certainly a guy cat, but some Blogging Witch insisted naming me after a character in Bubble Witch Saga. I haven’t certainly had the LAST WORD according to having a girl’s name yet! The phone name(Lumia) I can accept, even though it isn’t nearly as elegant as I am.

BTW! About them Spider Bubbles! Level 26 have some nasty looking one! I should do my best helping my Blogging Witch in Saturdays Level Challenge. Everybody re-plays level 26 within a time frame of four hours and the best player gets plenty of honor and a badge. Only FAIR-PLAY! You can check out and join the event if you want to.

Here is a picture of me and the Blogging Witches’ boyfriend, note the level 26 in the background, I ate all the Spider Bubbles!

the baroness