Level 306, the bubbles are Linked!

Bubble Witch Saga Level 306

Starting Bubbles: 55
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars: 65 000, 120 000, 135000
Recommended Magic Potions: 7 Extra Bubbles, Rainbow Bubbles ,Ceiling Bubbles,and gold spiders, if you can use all four.
306aSpecial Bubbles: Locks, spider bubbles, skull doom bubbles, black bubbles,
Linked Bubble, Special bubble type Linked Bubbles(5 sets), crystal bubbles, bombs, shadow bubble.
Useful charms: Percision, Webbing, Disarm.


Pic 306a:

Shoot the linked bubbles as they will help to drop the skulls. Next step is to open the locks. That was the easy part of the game.


306bPic 306b:


Make your way up to the linked bubbles at the top of the screen. It is useful to drop shadow bubble before starts spreading and also save rainbow bubbles for later. Shot the linked bubbles. The bombs will start ticking. Clear the ceiling quickly, the rainbow bubbles are very useful now.

No Charms vid by Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!

Dazzling 3 Star vid with Charms, Youtube Channel Jean-Pierre Verbesselt.

Linked Bubbles – BWS is introducing a new special bubble!

Bubble Witch Saga Linked Bubbles

eternal isles 33-3

Picture from Level ei 33-3, where I am about to shoot a purple bubble at the yellow linked bubble in order to make a match and drop the 3 bubbles under the yellow linked bubble.

Linked Bubbles comes in sets, if you pop one linked bubble, all other linked bubbles of the same colour will be removed.

The linking isn’t working if the linked bubble is above a locked chain (Level 309) You need to unlock the chain in order to pop the linked bubble above the chain.

When you shoot direct at it, the bubble match all the other linked bubbles of the same colour. You can shoot with any bubble you like at a Linked Bubble. It is always a match if you do a direct hit on the linked bubble! :D Aiming beside the linked bubble but not hitting it directly will not pop it.

However, the match is done for the linked bubble and NOT for the surrounding bubble clusters that might be of the same colour as the bubble from the cauldron. Start watching at 1:10 in this video for Level 33-2 to see what I meen, the red bubble from the cauldron doesn’t match the red spider bubbles nor the ordinary bubbles, even if it touches both clusters.

Bombs are ignited if a linked bubble is right beside it and removed, however, a bomb ignited by a removal of a linked bubble starts it’s countdown from 10 and not from 9 as bombs otherwise do.

Linked Bubbles provides an additional way of making green spiders. If you just have made a green spider and then pop a linked bubble, that pop will make another green spider.

Here is another video from the very first Level with linked bubbles, Level 33-1, played for Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!


  1. Level 306 with Linked Bubbles, Classic Strategy Video: