If your game is not loading properly, there are a couple of things you can do. 


You must keep your BROWSER clean in order for it to run at an optimum level.

To do this you must clean your cache on a regular basis.
If you find your game will NOT LOAD or it is slow and
sluggish, use the appropriate link below:
After cleaning, please restart your Browser.
If you are using Internet Explorer then I recommend you change to GOOGLE CHROME.
Internet Explorer (IE) is bug-ridden and a much slower browser. However, if you wish to keep it then I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest version and that you have current updates.

Where to clean browser in Chrome:

How to clean cache in Chrome


After you clean your browser, if the game is still not working properly, try doing a
FULL SHUTDOWN of your computer,
Wait a few minutes; then restart.
This gives it a chance to totally clear all the temporary memory so that it can work more efficiently.

Why do we ask that you Clear Cache and
Shut Down your computer? 

Cache is like a little memory bank in your Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome). You have one in all parts of your computer as well, but the one we are talking about is the cache in your Browsers.EVERY TIME YOU VISIT A SITE, this little memory adds to the cache and sits there waiting to be used the next time you visit rather than start from scratch.If cache clogs up my system – why do I need it at all?
Well, it is designed to make your web surfing faster because your system uses the cache to
load previously visited pages.It’s a bad thing when it has been collecting thousands of data bits and is never cleared. Your computer becomes slow and sluggish and basically does not perform as it should. Clearing cache it gives it a fresh start AND in the case of when you have issues, it will
STOP sending you to the cached version of that page
and actually go to the site from scratch.Why do we ask you to do perform a full SHUT DOWN?
Every computer has memory. Each time a program (software) is activated it is using up memory. Every time you copy and paste, you are using up memory. All those little programs that start up when you start up your computer are using up memory. Unless you completely SHUT DOWN and release all the memory, your computer, over time (depending on your usage and your programs accessed) will slow down the performance
time of your games.NOTE: A reboot does NOT release the memory.
Only a full SHUT DOWN will do that.So if your game is not working as it should or if Adobe Flash is crashing,

nine times out of ten it will be that your cache needs clearing and your system needs a Shut Down.

If clearing your cache and performing a full Shut Down
does not solve the problem, then go to


If the game is still not working properly, run a FULL VIRUS SCAN for unknown viruses and/or trojans. These can prevent your game from loading. Use good anti-virus software and make sure it has current
virus/trojan definitions.

(Please do not ask for a recommendation of software.)

Written by Victoria Muller
Victoria’s Art Page, All Coins Page on Facebook


Known issues and FIXES for them

loadingIf you can’t see the daily balloon in BWS, the  levels will not load. FIX IT by loading the game again before you even try to enter the level, that way you will not loose a life and potions.

Missing notifications in the game don’t seem to have any working fix. Keeping other programs at a minimum might help slightly.

Most issues are easily solved by refreshing the game, so just hit the function key F5 to refresh any time you encounter a problem.

click HERE to get the iPhone/iPad fixes.

ISSUE: I get only a orange screen when I try to load a King game:

FIX (works only if the problem is local, try several times, please): Try to clear out cache AND cookies, this logs you out. Then login again.

ISSUE: Friends missing from the map

FIX: Clear your cache and restart your browser.

ISSUE: My game is not fully shown, scores are missing at the right bottom.
FIX: you have minimized your app by mistake. Go to and click on a white part of the page, then hit the CTRL key and the zero(0) key at the same time to get the normal size.

ISSUE: My coins aren’t adding up
FIX: Sometimes they add up with no messages shown, do the general troubleshooting

ISSUE: I get 3 stars and the ceiling drop, but I o not move forward to next level.
FIX: Go through the tips below over and over, play again until you’ll manage to get a new Star and the next level to show up.

ISSUE: Game loads, but you can’t open up a level.

1st FIX: Open up the game in full screen and try to play. You open up the game in full screen by clicking on the left upper icon.
2nd FIX: Clear out your browser cache

General troubleshooting for Flash Games at Facebook (including Bubble Witch Saga)

  1. Logout in login again to Facebook (fixes the problem if it is FB server issues and you land on another server.)
  2. Clear out your cache, you find a guide for the most common browsers here:
  3. Update your flash to the most recent one
  4. Try another browser, download Google Chrome at or Mozilla Firefox at
  5. Remove your game and reinstall it. To remove the game go to Choose “Edit Settings” for Apps and Websites and then once again “Edit settings” for the game and remove all of the games permissions. To reinstall go to and accept the terms for the app.

Ccleaner is a safe and free registry and cache cleaner

If you have problems with Bubble Witch Saga, you are often given the advise to “clear out your cache” or “delete you temporary Internet files”. What the….??? Well, I have made a guide for that earlier, on howto clear each of the most used browsers individually. If you aren’t getting in to BWS and have tried alternative browsers you are probably pissed as it is  already, and don’t feel like doing the same job with all your browsers one by one. Well my friend, you don’t have to. :)

get ccleaner

Click on the green button at your upper right hand to get CCleaner

Download and install CCleaner.  This picture above shows where exactly you should click at the download page to get the right program. Many are fooled by the ads at the page and can download the wrong thingy by accident, so be sure to click at the green button with the text “Download Latest Version”.

The Blogging Witches’ recommended preferences for optimizing BWS with CCleaner.

Open CCleaner. The first time you use it, it opens directly to the right place and you can choose to just hit the “Run Cleaner”-button and let it do it’s magic. The default settings however clears out Download and Internet history from your computer and those aren’t relevant to get a better working game, so I tend to unpick those options, as they contain relevant information to me.  You see at the example above, where I have moved to the right hand tab in the sweepers’ choice menu in CCleaner. That is how I tick the boxes, but the default settings are usually good for most of us.

I recommend that you clear out your cache at least once every week.

To make a deeper clean-up you should clean out your register. That you do by choosing the second box at the left hand side. First scan for registry errors, then just clean out them all. I have done this procedure successfully on hundreds of Windows machines and it have never caused any problems, cleaning the registry with Ccleaner just make the PC faster.

I recommend you run the registry Cleaner once every month.

How to solve loading problems in Facebook Games?

Common fixes for loading and network errors in Bubble Witch Saga, Candy Crush Saga and other popular King games. (PC/Mac)


This is almost making me crazy, when seen

Make sure that you have the latest version of your browser. Make sure that you use a resent version of flash, todays version can be checked at Adobe.

Removing the game and installing it again is sometimes the key. You will not lose any progress by removing your King app at Facebook and reinstalling it.

You should also try emptying the cache and delete cookies: Always hit CTRL and the function key F5 at the game page after clearing out your browser. That will reload the page better than just reopening your browser. You do not need to restart your computer after clearing out your browser though.

Try to log into the game on another computer. If it works there you know that it is your computer that is having the issues, not the account.

If you haven’t turned off your computer in a while, just turning it off and on again sometimes fix your problems.

Clear out your cache and cookies! (this will log you out from Facebook)

Internet Explorer (click here for Microsoft’s explanation for IE9)
Click the Safety button (Click for Pics for location of Safety Button, opens in new window), and then click Delete Browsing History.
If you do not want to delete the cookies and files associated with websites in your Favorites list, select the Preserve Favorites website data check box. If you have game in your favourites, this should NOT be checked.
Select the check box next to Temporary Internet files and Cookies.
Click Delete.

Firefox (<– click for Firefox support article)
Hold down the three keys <Ctrl> + <Shift> + <Del>
Select the check box next to Cache and Cookies.
Click Delete.

Google Chrome (<– click for Google’s Help Page)

  1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar. (Upper right)
  2. Select Tools.
  3. Select Clear browsing data.
  4. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
  5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
  6. Click Clear browsing data.


  1. Install a new browser. 

Linux-users can if in a hurry just delete the hidden config-directory for your browser and restart the browser. But you loose every other personal data too then. :P better rename the old one as backup. :)

If clearing your cache doesn’t help, you can always try another browser. My personal favourite is Chrome and King have recommended Firefox (2012).
Download Google Chrome
Download Firefox

Linux users can use Chromium variant of Chrome from source packages simply by pasting this into the terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

This is SOOOO frustrating to see for a longer period


AVG PCTuneUP is a great tool to get faster and in all ways better performance, it comes shipped with it’s own uninstaller, so it easy to get rid of, if you just get the free trial and don’t like it. Download it from AVG’s website. Any other site to download it should be considered unsafe. 


**If none of the above help**
  There is one final thing you can try:

Go to your control panel on your computer and find your list of programs.  Uninstall your Adobe Flash Player.  Clean your cache and then reboot your computer. Now enter the game and on lower left corner click on “Upgrade Flash Player”.  Then reinstall Adobe Flash Player.  If you are unable to open game then go here to install: