Who the heck is Lorem? (daily 14th Jan)

who-the-hell-is-loremThis came up in our BWS group last week. Quite many of you might have experienced that you get all crowns, but no friends when you load the game. …Or that one or all of your Bubble Witch Saga friends are named Lorem for a second or so, when you are about to load the game.

No worries, these two things are related and cause by LAG. Lag is the online gamers worst enemy and means that there are visible delays in the loading of game objects. In these cases it is your friend list that is lagging. The more bubblers you have at your list and the slower Internet connection you got, the bigger is the possibility for Lorem to show up.

Seeing Lorem in your Bubble Witch Saga friend list do not mean that your account would be hacked or anything like that, it just indicate that the sync is a bit slow.

Lorem Ipsum is the name of the place holder text that web and game designers use when they work. They put in this phoney text that looks like Latin, but don’t mean anything at all. The thought behind using  this place holder text would be that it don’t distract the users as much as real words (or in this case names) would.

Bubble Witch Saga daily Bonus Level 14th January 2013

Starting Bubbles: 50
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Star:

70 000, 90 000, 110 000
Special bubbles:
Mystery Bubble, Special bubble type Mystery Bubbles
yellow-spider-bubble Spider Bubbles

Here is Jean-Pierre’s game for today’s Daily Bonus! Enjoy! ;-)

..and some Bonus Coins for you as well, I hope your week is gonna be swell! :)

  1. 350 coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  2. 500 coins for Bubble witch Saga

  3. 200 coins for Bubble witch Saga
  4. 500 coins for Bubble witch Saga
  5. 250 coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  6. 250 coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  7. 500 coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  8. 500 coins for Bubble Witch saga

If you missed Patrice’s BIG LOAD of COINS yesterday, Sunday, here is the straight link to the coin bulk at the Baroness’ FB Page. Ain’t she amazing? :D