Farm Heroes Saga – how to get, send and request Magic Beans

Farm Heroes Saga – use Magic Beans for Boosters, a guide by Farm Heroes Saga Help Admins.

So what is the purpose of the Magic Beans that we build up in the bean bank and how do we ask for beans?
  1. Rancid, cost MAX 3500 Magic Beans at once
  2. Shovel Boosters, cost 250 Magic Beans for 3 shovels
  3. Companions, cost MAX 90 Magic Beans at once
They are used to do extra damage when you play Levels where Rancid, the Racoon have taken over the Farm, but maybe more important: To buy boosters with, each booster has a different action that you will learn as you go through the game. But the one we want to use Magic Beans for, is the shovel booster.

How to Request Beans and Lives in Farm Heroes Saga

When you need lives, you can send requests to all friends in one click, when you reload the game and get lives, you can save them for that session in the notification box in the upper corner.

If you Collect 5 lives (full) and refresh your page, all the lives sent too you will be transformed into MAGIC BEANS.

  • If you run out of Magic Beans, ask your friends for lives. The lives will turn into Magic Beans when you (re)load the game and already have a full life!
Beans and Boosters (1)When you enter the level you want to play, you will get a box appear as in the picture. Before you hit the play button, click on the shovel icon, it will bring up a confirmation box asking you if you want to spend 250 Magic beans, you click yes and then once back at the previous screen, click play to start your game.

Once you start the game, you will notice that the shovel Icon at the top of the screen has 3 next to it, meaning you can use it 3 times. Plan well when using it. Once activated it removes one piece of fruit/sun/water. So if you are careful where you use it, you can get rid of an unwanted elements, without using a move and hopefully watch the wanted elements, slide into place. Once you have used it 3 times, you can buy it again. But it costs gold bars, if you want to buy more while you play a level, so there is a cap for 3 free shovels for each level. (If yo are a fast clicker you can try to get a double set of shovels, tends to work best if you go and click for shovels while the game is still loading)

How to send Magic Beans in Farm Heroes Saga

  • Send out a message to Facebook from within the app whenever you pass a friend, they’ll get tons of beans!
  • Send lives to your friend often! All lives will become beans if the app is opened with a full life cap (5)

You can find and big amounts of Magic Beans on your Timeline when your friends pass you too and send you likewise!

More Farm Heroes Saga booster help here, the shovel can be used for various different things!