How to find mini games to play for more coins

Bubble Witch Saga Mini games

I tend to use the “My Wf”-method to find the mini games I play and recommend that you read the special article on mini games to learn all about them.

But if you want to find them on your friends wall or on a wall that have public mini games that you aren’t a subscriber of, then the mini games doesn’t show up in your wall feed. They doesn’t show up as individual stories at Timelines either.

You can easily get to play those mini games by clicking on the “Comment” option for a mini game. That will open up the games in a popupish thingy over the wall and you can click “Play” in the lower left corner of the Bubble Witch Saga as usual to play the mini game(s). This works as good at your own Timeline as on your friends’ Timelines

Share your winnings from the mini games.

There is this thread on Gamers United! for sharing links, you can go there and collect coins and share your own coins.

The Facebook Page “Bubble Witch Saga – ALL Coins” is the biggest coin sharing place we know of. You most certainly want to check this Page out for free coins! :D

If you are sharing coins, there are two significant things you want to consider, while picking your place to share.

GU! need you to accept the GU! app at Facebook to connect you for posting coins, no such thing is needed at the ALL Coins Page.

The coins posted at the ALL Coins Page gives you notifications whenever someone mark that they have collected with a “like”. This doesn’t happen at GU!

Please do not share the same links at both places, since the collecting community overlaps each other.

If you want to share your 500 coin posts, “black” the link in the URL-bar, hit CTRL-X for cutting the link into the short memory of your computer. Then go to the place where you want to post it and hit CTRL-V. I suggest you give the sharing thread at GU! a try if you want to share coins with other BWS fanatics! …or collect a buck or two. ;-P

Get 500 coins from mini games (officially named feed games by Facebook devs)


One of my personal favorite features in Bubble Witch Saga is the Mini games in the wall feed at Facebook. You find them easy by clicking on the My wf-link in the second menu here.

The mini games looks like small videos and work the same way. You click on the button that you would click to play a video. Then the mini game in your feed is started. You play the game and depending on how good you score, you get 200, 350 or 500 coins as reward. You collect the reward by clicking the green Play Now button.

If you do not want to play the mini game, you still can collect 100 coins from the wall post in the feed by clicking the link at the right of the mini game that says “Play and win free coins!” If you loaded the mini game and click the green button with the text “Play full version now” or if you fail to get a star in the minigame, you still get 100 coins from that post! As for now it seems that you can re-load the My wf Facebook Page unlimited times and play the mini games over and over again to gain more coins.

You can also play your own mini games at your own wall or Timeline to gain coins! By commenting your post before sending it from the game you find it in your timeline without going through the My wf-link. Here is a help article on how you might find mini games on other persons Timelines, even if they are only small pics in one single box.

Here is a sample of the mini game, but you don’t get any coins from playing this mini game. This sample is mainly here for all of you that have problems with your settings at FB and can’t see the mini games in your feed. This mini game belongs to King.Com.

I suggest that you use the Facebook wall filter for Bubble Witch Saga (“My wf”) to play mini games, there you can play on all your friends games. =)

You’ll find a lot of 500 coins posted at Gamers Unite!