Where does the sets of 10 FREE GOLD BARS really come from?

Bubble Witch Saga NEW Eternal Isles Levels (51) and NEW levels at the Road Home (446 – 455)

free-goldHi there all of you Bubble Witch Saga Addicts!

I have finally got a clue of where my free Bubble Witch Saga GOLD BARS seem to have came. I have got 3 sets of free gold bars for 10 gold bars each the past month and I believe that it might be a feature that adds gold bars to your account when you get help from your friends with unlocking the new levels. At least the attached screen cap indicates that. However, I DID NOT get any gold bars when that screen cap was made, but earlier today I got 10 gold bars, but no message about it. My guess is that the gold bars earlier today MAYBE was because of unlocking the new episode at the Road Home with the help of my friends.

a-giftI also got a free scroll, that one did got added at the same time as I got the message, so that is always a plus. :D Thank you Bubble Witches! <3 

I haven’t yet started to make the none charm vids for Eternal Isles 51, but as usual I will upload them to our Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches, at the moment I am working on the 3 stars vids for the Main Saga levels, below are the first 3 vids. =)

Did you get a gift from the Witches? Have you received any FREE COLD BARS after the first 50 freebie golds? COMMENT BELOW VIDS!

Happy Bubbling!
// Mainewil.

Bubble Witch Saga Level 446

Bubble Witch Saga Level 447

Bubble Witch Saga Level 448

Awesome feature release in Bubble Witch Saga!

Bubble Witch Saga Scroll of Fire and insights to your friends gaming activity!

new-scrollWhow! I just say WHOW, this is GREAT! :D Not only do we have 20 new levels to play, we ALSO got a NEW MAGIC SCROLL!

First when you open up the game, you will not see the freebie Fire Scroll that you have received, because you need to play a level before the Fire scroll feature unlocks.

The Fire Scroll burst through all bubbles in max five rows. As you can see in this Fire Scroll DEMO video clip, it isn’t almighty over obstacles though.

King have apparently also put in a patch so that people that not yet have received their 50 FREE GOLD BARS might get them nowI didn’t get them with the non charm account I use for vids, that account still have everything in euros. I can’t really figure out if it is a slow roll-out, or if it is a mistake. I know that the Gold bar feature in Candy Crush Saga was rolled out slowly and I didn’t ever even consider that one as a bug, just as a staged feature release, but according to the official BWS forums the missing gold bars wasn’t meant to be here.

The Mystic Woods at the Road Home are open for play, here  is a video walkthrough for level 426, There is also a new set of Eternal Isles and we’ll have new vids for the Isles uploaded to this Eternal Isles 49 PLAYLIST at Youtube.

I suggest you Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches to get all the new cool vids available in your news feed at Youtube! :D

Eternal Isles 41 open with the help of your friends

If you have a working mobile app at your Apple device – DO NOT UPDATE!

Updating the iPhone/iPad app at the moment seem to cause problems with your mobile app.

Source: the official BWS forums.

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 41 and 42 have changed status.

Detail from Eternal Isles 42, Level 7

Detail from Eternal Isles 42, Level 7

You don’t need to pay in order to play Eternal Isles 41 now, and we also got new Eterbal Isles levels – Eternal Isles 42.

You can find all the Eternal Isles 41 Levels played without charms in this Eternal Isles 41 PLAYLIST at Youtube and the Eternal Isles 42 PLAYLIST is under construction.

Eternal Isles 41, Level 10:

Eternal Isles 42, Level 5:

Eternal Isles 41, money required, brain activity optional

  1. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  2. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  3. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  4. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  5. 500 coins valid until 22nd July.
  6. 200 coins valid until 23rd July.
  7. 350 coins valid until 23rd July

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 40 open with the help of  3 friends

Today I have had a day filled with fun casual bubble popping. Only Eternal Isles 41-4 gave me a bit of pondering, but not how I would pass, only how I would get 3 Stars on it. The rest of the new Pay-to-Play Levels at Eternal Isles 41 is clearly made for brains in vacation mode. The new Levels are definitely not to hard to pass, I have uploaded 9/10 video clips for 3 stars games without using any charms/wishes.


I liked the new Levels so much that I actually paid to play with two different accounts this time. This have NEVER happened before. I am generally not that much into the EI levels, but today I felt like I needed the ego boost that 3 stars on all levels with the first try always gives you. (I knew that would happen with the charm account, because the non charm vids was so easy to make.)

But… Fortunately one is allowed to enter the 41st Eternal Isle without passing Level 40-10 (click here for ei40-10 guide by the Big Spider JP) since I haven’t yet managed to pass 40-10 with the account I use to play non charm vids with.

Eternal Isles 40-6 and 40-8 are also quite hard levels if you are playing without charms, so I decided to get the guides published for them too.


20 NEW levels!

Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles 38 and 39 open with the help of your friends!


Screen cap from Level 40-3

…and additional 10 more levels as pay-to-play levels if you pay a little fee(I paid 0,90 $US, but it seems to differ a little how much it costs) to unlock Eternal Isles 40.

The video walkthroughs will be found in their respective playlists at Youtube as soon as thay are uploaded. Happy bubbling!

Youtube PLAYLIST Eternal Isles 38
Youtube PLAYLIST Eternal Isles 39
Youtube PLAYLIST Eternal Isles 40

PLAY NOW! –> 500 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 500 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 350 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 200 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 350 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 200 coins (valid until ~7th June 2013)

PLAY NOW! –> 350 coins (valid until ~8th June 2013)

Eternal Isles 35 can now be accessed with the Help of 3 Friends!

NEW Bubble Witch Saga Eternal Isles Levels!

36-5Eternal Isles 36 have just been launched and for those that rely on friends to get into the Ilses you can now ask your friends for help to scare away the ghosts and get into Level 35.

We have prepared all the strategy guides for Eternal Isles 35 for you, all of them including both Charm and Non Charm videos!

All Charm videos for EI are made by Jean-Pierre Verbesselt  and he are uploading new videos for EI36 RIGHT NOW!, so I suggest you keep an eye open for his vids today, if you are playing Eternal Isles 36 already!

I am also uploading vids to the Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga for Eternal Isles 36, but not as fast as JP, since I play without the charms. Here are the first two non charm vidsw for Ei36. :)

Eternal Isles 35 strategy Guides by Teresa Atkinson, vids by Jean-Pierre Verbesselt and Mainewil Peetra:

We had an odd phenomena appearing in the game for a while, the latest Shadow realm Levels (326 – 335) was missing for a while, but King fixed this very very fast. :)

Linked Bubbles – BWS is introducing a new special bubble!

Bubble Witch Saga Linked Bubbles

eternal isles 33-3

Picture from Level ei 33-3, where I am about to shoot a purple bubble at the yellow linked bubble in order to make a match and drop the 3 bubbles under the yellow linked bubble.

Linked Bubbles comes in sets, if you pop one linked bubble, all other linked bubbles of the same colour will be removed.

The linking isn’t working if the linked bubble is above a locked chain (Level 309) You need to unlock the chain in order to pop the linked bubble above the chain.

When you shoot direct at it, the bubble match all the other linked bubbles of the same colour. You can shoot with any bubble you like at a Linked Bubble. It is always a match if you do a direct hit on the linked bubble! :D Aiming beside the linked bubble but not hitting it directly will not pop it.

However, the match is done for the linked bubble and NOT for the surrounding bubble clusters that might be of the same colour as the bubble from the cauldron. Start watching at 1:10 in this video for Level 33-2 to see what I meen, the red bubble from the cauldron doesn’t match the red spider bubbles nor the ordinary bubbles, even if it touches both clusters.

Bombs are ignited if a linked bubble is right beside it and removed, however, a bomb ignited by a removal of a linked bubble starts it’s countdown from 10 and not from 9 as bombs otherwise do.

Linked Bubbles provides an additional way of making green spiders. If you just have made a green spider and then pop a linked bubble, that pop will make another green spider.

Here is another video from the very first Level with linked bubbles, Level 33-1, played for Youtube Channel BubbleWitchSaga, please subscribe!


  1. Level 306 with Linked Bubbles, Classic Strategy Video: