How to find mini games to play for more coins

Bubble Witch Saga Mini games

I tend to use the “My Wf”-method to find the mini games I play and recommend that you read the special article on mini games to learn all about them.

But if you want to find them on your friends wall or on a wall that have public mini games that you aren’t a subscriber of, then the mini games doesn’t show up in your wall feed. They doesn’t show up as individual stories at Timelines either.

You can easily get to play those mini games by clicking on the “Comment” option for a mini game. That will open up the games in a popupish thingy over the wall and you can click “Play” in the lower left corner of the Bubble Witch Saga as usual to play the mini game(s). This works as good at your own Timeline as on your friends’ Timelines

Grab a Bubble Witch Saga Timeline Cover Picture for Facebook!

I have really a happy Monday today! As all you returning visitors can see, the blog has an all new Logo for today. It is genuine Bubble Witch Saga Fan Art made by Victoria Muller, isn’t it great looking! *shining as the sun*

I have been promised by this artist and Bubble Witch Saga Fan Victoria Muller to share these really great Fan Art Pictures with you, so you can use them as you want to show how much you like Bubble Witch Saga!

Their original size are fitted to be suitable as Facebook Timeline Cover Pictures, so you can download a picture and use it as your cover on your own Timeline. You will get the original size suitable for Timeline by right clicking on a picture and choose “Save as”.
Download all 5 Facebook Timeline Cover pictures at once by clicking this link, the download will start immediately.

Don’t forget to go and “Like” Art Designs by: Alexandra & Victoria Muller. on their Facebook Page!


Guide: Howto change your cover picture for Timeline.

How to FIND Bubble Witch Saga Posts on TIMELINE


Go to the Timeline or Profile page of your friend.  Just UNDER the Cover pic you will see BOXES with a little Arrow.  CLICK THE ARROW and it will show more boxes.  One of them will be Bubble Witch.  See Diagram to the right.

When you click it, it will then look like this.





After this the page will change to show ONLY Bubble Witch.  You will see lots of Achievements bla bla bla so SCROLL down until you see something like this:




Mine says I have 98 more posts.  Click on the 98 more posts.Then you will see a SCROLL BAR to the side – Scroll away and collect all your bonuses!

Happy Bubbling!
Pictures and text published with permission of and made by Victoria Muller, orginally posted in Bubble Witch Saga Fan Site Group.