Trick & Tips! Use the best possible feed overview to gather coins from your(my) wall feed

Hi there bubblers, this is an old article, that I have rewamped to meet the needs of today. I hope that this will help you in your quest for coins. :)

We look for wall posts from Bubble Witch Saga EVERYWHERE. But it should not be that way. I discovered this quick link for easy access to the wall feed from Bubble Witch Saga, I call it “My wall feed for Bubble Witch Saga“. By using this direct wall feed that filters out everything except Bubble Witch Saga posts I feel that I have an advantage, and this without any Bubble Witch Saga cheats at all!

Remember; We have the Mini games as well! 

As the hearts turn into coins if your friend have a full life count, you should also read HOWTO gain almost unlimited lives in the game.

If you want to claim from the wall feed posts without playing the mini games, click the text(link) in the post that says “Play and win free coins! in your feed

There are several auto collector games on facebook, but I would strongly recommend not to use them, for several reasons. 1) none of them clicks on your own posts. With the new timeline finding your own posts seems to be challenging for many, this wf-link is probably the best way – for now at least. 2) The collectors gain access to a lot of your personal data on facebook, do you really trust them? 3) The AutoCollectors can not play the fun mini games 4) With the right technic you can collect Bubble Saga Bonuses much faster manually! Next I will explain how.

When you are at the Bubble Witch Saga wall feed page, You open up links in a new tab, that way you can tend half a dozen posts in a blink. Then you go through your tabs and check if there are messages with the text ACCEPT and SEND. Make sure your click on those green buttons where the word SEND is present, otherwise you simply are doing it wrong, as the main thing making this game special from other bubble popping games is to be social and help out friends. I usually clear out my request queue before collecting from my wf and keep an eye on the notifications. With the help of notifications I can stop my collecting rampage to answer a request sent to me in the middle of my gathering.

Then close the tabs, either one by one if you ain’t certain that the request queue is empty or if you are using Chrome, click on your tab and choose “Close tabs to the right”. You don’t need to feel like you have exploited any cheats. (the Auto Collectors aren’t really endorsed by game designers…) This is a really good Bubble Witch Saga trick, don’t you think?!

I have added the “My wf”-link to the right in the menu at this site, so I personally easily can access the Bubble Witch Saga wall feed via this Fan Site whenever I like to. You can use this same link as well. :)

If you want to know more about gathering coins, please read my earlier post how to get in-game coins.

Morph Bubbles – post includes great trick!

Morph Bubble Morph Bubbles are shape shifting Bubbles introduced at level 106. They change colour every other turn. The colour pair for a Morph Bubble is determined in the beginning of each level where you can find Morph Bubbles.

morph-bubbles-106-polymorpicBLUE – PURPLE

The ting with Morph Bubbles is to memorize the colour pair and use tactical thinking while playing a level where they appears. I use to go “red-blue, red-blue” as a mantra in my head, just memorizing one pair. The other can be discovered by knowing the first Morph Bubble pair.

Trick provided by Jari Kanerva: Take two screen shots and have them both open, that way you don’t need to remember ow they change. :)

These Morph bubbles might seem very challenging, but as plaster on the wound these colour changing Bubbles can not be infected!

I have figured out a way to cheat these Bubbles, if you double click when shooting Bubbles, the first Bubble go away so fast, that it hit the Morph before it have had the opportunity to change colour. This way I have more chances of clearing a Morph than I otherwise would have.

Examples on levels with Morph Bubbles: level 106, 137, 142

In the video clip from level 137 I have a baby blue bubble to shoot and after that I really fast slide to pointer slightly to the left and take down the yellow bubble cluster as well.

On Youtube, there is some settings to slow down the video, I suggest you tune to ½ speed and HD over there, if you don’t get the idea by watching it here. :)

My six year old kid came up with another really good cheat for Morph Bubbles. She loaned me her crayons, baby blue, purple, red, green and yellow, so I can make small marks when the level begins and check from my marks how the Morph Bubbles are paired up. :)