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Level 123 – Unlock 2 Chains and defeat the Doom Bubbles

Starting Bubbles: 60
Recommended Boosters: 3 extra holes in the ceiling, rainbow bubble, 7 extra bubbles in the starting Cauldron
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars:
Useful Charms: Charm of Precision and Charm of Shattering
Obstacles: Black Bubbles, Doom Bubbles, 3 Lock Bubbles(keeping 2 ghost  chains locked), Crystal Bubbles

Are the witches making diamonds? Sometimes one wonders what they are cooking… And if we look at level 123, it is Crystal Diamonds!

You really not need all the recommended potions, but if you aren’t the patient kind of bubbler, you really can take advantage of the rainbow bubbles to shred the Crystals in the two lowest rows.

When you have played as long as you see the ceiling, you might panic, because there is loads of doom skull bubbles, that will make you loose a heart, if you don’t have the Charm of precision, that is why one might want to go with the 3 extra holes in the ceiling.

3 Star video from the U tube Channel attached to this blog. :)

Hacks and cheats for unlimited energy? Buy free coins!

[the post have been updated 16/12 2011, see end of post] oooh..! Wait a minute, I don’t want to buy free coins! Do you? :lol: But I am really wondering what there might be in those files that claims to give you hearts, energy, unlimited life and humongous amounts of in-game coins, that up loaders try to sell to people through Youtube videos. I found many users on Youtube that have uploaded guides on what their programs supposedly do. They all have the same in common, they doesn’t show any proof that something actually would be added. I.e because they do not have enough video editing skills to add the proof, I suppose. The videos are maybe stolen or shared, the same video accursed many times, you see.

This people links in the videos or in the descriptions to download places on different locations on the Interweeebz, the one thing the download sites seem to have in common is… Surveys!!! You get an announcement to take a survey, where you probably end up e-mail-spammed as hell or loosing money on sending messages with your phone. Yes of course, you get those zillions of facebook coins, game energy, a boyfriend, eternal life for free, I almost forgot. ;-)

I added a few example videos in the end of the post, they are all the same genre, promising a lot, proof of nothing. I added so many videos, because I think they are going to be removed from Youtube ASAP. At least I hope so. There are very many videos like this on Youtube right now, I flagged a few, but clicking and flagging hundreds of videos doesn’t seem that good idea. :P

I read the description on one of these sites that offers the paid download surveys:

ShareCash is a revolutionary, next-generation upload site, where you get paid CASH for every download you get! We offer the highest payouts per download, as well as a set of great tools, tutorials, and support to get you earning in no time. Simply register, upload files, and let the cash start rolling in!

So in the end there is probably some non-working java-apps to download and no risk to get juicy viruses. If you get really unlucky you don’t even get anything that looks like a program to hack Bubble Witch Saga, they might just let you download their failed mathematics tests.

Try to swim safe, my fellow bubblers, you actually just have to remember one single thing:

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is to good to be true!

[update 16/12 2011] I got a comment in my inbox on Facebook, that tipsed me that there actually are people that have tried to use cheats like this. Someone have got even a login-success with facebook actually, witch suprises me greatly. But none of the five angry feedbacks have got extra life’s as promised. One ended up with 18£ phone bill. Oh my God, he/she could have bought so many in-game goodies for that money, poor bastard. You can read the comments yourself.

[25/12 2011] I found this on vimeo as well, same bullshit as fpund on youtube I think?

Bubble Witch Saga Hack/Cheats/Coins/Energy – Download from Good Upload on Vimeo

Level 52 just goes all black bubbles all the time, help me!

The trick is to have precision in your aim, because you’ll have to do the major part of level 52 shooting via the walls. If you don’t want to or have had the opportunity to buy a charm of precision you just have to practise your aim. It helps to focus on a specific part in the wall, when you aim to shoot an angle. Don’t spend coins on Magic Potions before training this level a few times. I cleared the left side of the Skull Bubbles first and had a breeze after that. I used the background to adjust my aiming.

On the picture to the left I have circled what one might want to do, lift the bubbles a few rows (not too many, as you will waste bubbles if they go to high) that gives you more possible shots in the beginning of the game. You still have plenty of bubbles left to make a green spider or two after clearing out the devious Doom Bubbles first.

Video, 3 Stars. As you will see it gets easy when you have cleared the nether bunch of Doom Skulls.

Here is another good video that walks you through the level.

And, since this is such a hard level, here is a third one for the basic Strategy:

Here is two strategy pictures made by Arwen Elfe Gris and Hair’Oïne Coiffure. They shows how to aim both in the beginning and at the upper part of level 52
Level 52, part 1level 52, startegy picture

I wish all of you luck clearing level 52! :)

Level 70 was the fastest level in ages!

Starting Bubbles: 25
Recommended Magic Potions: None needed
Special Balls: skull-doom-bubble.png Doom Skull Bubbles

Level 70 surprised me, I have been so used to bubbles scroll up to a ceiling much above my cauldron, but now they didn’t move anywhere at all!

For 3 stars, you’ll need a bit of luck. I have 3 stars on level 70 and it took me really many attempts to get. When I finally did it, I had good clusters in the ceiling and the holes from the potion was on the sides. I went as straight up as possible, and had 9 yellow spiders and one green one to drop all the bubbles on, when the ceiling broke. I also used the RB ball to avoid getting spiders back up into the ceiling.

Even the videos are managed in 1½ minute, thank you for uploading these fast level videos for us, skillgaming and Sebastian. :)

Level 104 – Eeeek!

Starting bubbles: 50 pcs
Potion recommended: 7 extra Bubbles
Points needed for 1, 2, 3 Stars: 65 000, 100 000, 130 000
Special bubbles: Black bubbles, Skull bubbles, Bombs, Crystals

Level 104

 Your first reaction to Level 104 (unless you have peeked at the tips) will probably be OMG!!!   Yep, they’re all bombs, one big diamond of them right in the middle of the game screen.   And if that weren’t enough, the bomb-diamond is pregnant with skull bubbles!  Such naughty and devious game developers!

My advice about the green spiders is ‘enjoy them if you get them but concentrate on not setting off even one of those bombs in your quest for 3-of-a-kind shots’.  The bomb hits will ignite up to 3 bombs at a time, and even if you have the Charm of Disarm it will only neutralize up to 2 bombs per level attempt.  You can fill the gaps around the Bombs to stop them, but you don’t always get that aim you need, so it is beter not to set them off at all.

Hoping to outrun them to the top?  Maybe, if the ones you ignited are at the top of the diamond shape.  if you are at or below the middle of it, forget it.  Ka-boom!

Get rid of the diagonal trio of black bubbles as soon as you can.  It’s tricky – you’re only given two vertical bubble-levels to make them drop.  (Same with the horizontal ones, but at least you’re further ahead by then.)

As to those intimidating skull bubbles, they are only there to intimidate.  After all, if you’ve set off more than a couple bombs, you’re essentially done with Level 104 for that round, and if you’ve avoided the bombs you have avoided the skulls, too.

This is a TALL level.  Pay attention right at the beginning to see how high it is, because you may over-estimate how much ammunition you have to do the total job.  Assume that, no matter how many potions you buy or charms you have, you’re going to be here awhile.  If you’ve been undecided about buying the Charm of Precision or of Scrolling (or both), now is the time.  You might feel you’re too close to the end of the journey to invest in them, but I’ll give you two good reasons to get them – One, if you plan to go back and improve your scores on earlier levels, they’re very helpful.  Two, without them you might never GET to the end!

The rest of Level 104, if you’ve dropped the bomb/skull combo safely, is pretty simple.  You have another black bubble threesome, but after what you’ve been through, that should be a breeze!   Good luck!!



“Did you know, that if you activate a bomb, you can stop it again by replacing another bubble there!?!
But pay attention, if you activate the bomb again later, the countdown just continues at the point you stopped it.”
– Janice Pyke Symes


Of all the Charms you can use, the Precision turns out to be most valuable at Level 104. (Video)

Skillgaming have brought us a good video walkthrough for this level.