How to find mini games to play for more coins

Bubble Witch Saga Mini games

I tend to use the “My Wf”-method to find the mini games I play and recommend that you read the special article on mini games to learn all about them.

But if you want to find them on your friends wall or on a wall that have public mini games that you aren’t a subscriber of, then the mini games doesn’t show up in your wall feed. They doesn’t show up as individual stories at Timelines either.

You can easily get to play those mini games by clicking on the “Comment” option for a mini game. That will open up the games in a popupish thingy over the wall and you can click “Play” in the lower left corner of the Bubble Witch Saga as usual to play the mini game(s). This works as good at your own Timeline as on your friends’ Timelines

10 000 Free Coins in 20 clicks

Hi all of you bubblers. :) With all of the new Shadow Bubbles the urge of coins seem to have raised even more! If you like these coins(scroll down to find the free coin-links), hit the FB-“Like” button. I will check on the like-count to see if these kinds of coin posts really are necessary at this web site.

Small Fortune of Free CoinsOther good ways of collecting coins are from your own Wall Feed, just click on the menu link above named “My Wf” and it will take you to the place where all the coins from your friends are located. The manual collecting is preferred and recommended by this blog, but if you want to collect your friends’ and also your own coin links with a tool the only one I trust for BWS right now is the app named Game Feed. The Game feed should be used carefully, as you easily miss out on your friends’ requests for help if not watching over the Game Feed App’s collecting.

10 000 Free Coins for Bubble Witch Saga Valid until 27th July 2012

Below you can find 10 000 coins. The coins are collected all from either different players mini games or from coin posts that are deleted from Facebook, so for most of you at least 19 links should give you the 500 coins. (These coins can not easily be auto collected.)

[edit by Admin on July 27 ] These coins are now depricated. Newer coins available at
  1. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  2. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
  3. 500 free coins for Bubble Witch Saga
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Trick & Tips! Use the best possible feed overview to gather coins from your(my) wall feed

Hi there bubblers, this is an old article, that I have rewamped to meet the needs of today. I hope that this will help you in your quest for coins. :)

We look for wall posts from Bubble Witch Saga EVERYWHERE. But it should not be that way. I discovered this quick link for easy access to the wall feed from Bubble Witch Saga, I call it “My wall feed for Bubble Witch Saga“. By using this direct wall feed that filters out everything except Bubble Witch Saga posts I feel that I have an advantage, and this without any Bubble Witch Saga cheats at all!

Remember; We have the Mini games as well! 

As the hearts turn into coins if your friend have a full life count, you should also read HOWTO gain almost unlimited lives in the game.

If you want to claim from the wall feed posts without playing the mini games, click the text(link) in the post that says “Play and win free coins! in your feed

There are several auto collector games on facebook, but I would strongly recommend not to use them, for several reasons. 1) none of them clicks on your own posts. With the new timeline finding your own posts seems to be challenging for many, this wf-link is probably the best way – for now at least. 2) The collectors gain access to a lot of your personal data on facebook, do you really trust them? 3) The AutoCollectors can not play the fun mini games 4) With the right technic you can collect Bubble Saga Bonuses much faster manually! Next I will explain how.

When you are at the Bubble Witch Saga wall feed page, You open up links in a new tab, that way you can tend half a dozen posts in a blink. Then you go through your tabs and check if there are messages with the text ACCEPT and SEND. Make sure your click on those green buttons where the word SEND is present, otherwise you simply are doing it wrong, as the main thing making this game special from other bubble popping games is to be social and help out friends. I usually clear out my request queue before collecting from my wf and keep an eye on the notifications. With the help of notifications I can stop my collecting rampage to answer a request sent to me in the middle of my gathering.

Then close the tabs, either one by one if you ain’t certain that the request queue is empty or if you are using Chrome, click on your tab and choose “Close tabs to the right”. You don’t need to feel like you have exploited any cheats. (the Auto Collectors aren’t really endorsed by game designers…) This is a really good Bubble Witch Saga trick, don’t you think?!

I have added the “My wf”-link to the right in the menu at this site, so I personally easily can access the Bubble Witch Saga wall feed via this Fan Site whenever I like to. You can use this same link as well. :)

If you want to know more about gathering coins, please read my earlier post how to get in-game coins.

Get 500 coins from mini games (officially named feed games by Facebook devs)


One of my personal favorite features in Bubble Witch Saga is the Mini games in the wall feed at Facebook. You find them easy by clicking on the My wf-link in the second menu here.

The mini games looks like small videos and work the same way. You click on the button that you would click to play a video. Then the mini game in your feed is started. You play the game and depending on how good you score, you get 200, 350 or 500 coins as reward. You collect the reward by clicking the green Play Now button.

If you do not want to play the mini game, you still can collect 100 coins from the wall post in the feed by clicking the link at the right of the mini game that says “Play and win free coins!” If you loaded the mini game and click the green button with the text “Play full version now” or if you fail to get a star in the minigame, you still get 100 coins from that post! As for now it seems that you can re-load the My wf Facebook Page unlimited times and play the mini games over and over again to gain more coins.

You can also play your own mini games at your own wall or Timeline to gain coins! By commenting your post before sending it from the game you find it in your timeline without going through the My wf-link. Here is a help article on how you might find mini games on other persons Timelines, even if they are only small pics in one single box.

Here is a sample of the mini game, but you don’t get any coins from playing this mini game. This sample is mainly here for all of you that have problems with your settings at FB and can’t see the mini games in your feed. This mini game belongs to King.Com.

I suggest that you use the Facebook wall filter for Bubble Witch Saga (“My wf”) to play mini games, there you can play on all your friends games. =)

You’ll find a lot of 500 coins posted at Gamers Unite!

Participate and Earn coins!

Hi there dear Bubble Witch Saga Friends! I am proud to announce that Victoria Muller and Fredi Fredo have came up with a new method to earn loads of coins from wall feed.

You CAN claim from non friends, you have actually always could! But now when the coin collecting have gone so frikkin difficult, we had to come up with new methods. Here is how it goes. Join this Page, the “Bubble Witch Saga – ALL Coins” page.

You post a coin post for your own and then you go claim. I have chose to like posts I have claimed from, so I can keep count. If done once every other day, you’ll claim thousands of coins! The important thing is to share your own coins, otherwise other’s can not claim them. This is social gaming taken to the limit!

When you click a link at the ALL Coins Page, you will NOT see a Box come up. All you will see is your COINS INCREASE. So make sure you know what your coins amount is before you start, if you need to keep count. How to Post your coins:

1. RIGHT CLICK (wrong side of your mouse) on your OWN BONUS, easiest done right away before you even post it to your wall.

2. Select COPY

3. Go to the Page, comment saying the amount then RIGHT CLICK and select PASTE.

4. Hit POST.

Claiming coins

REMEMBER to Claim ONE at a TIME. If you go crazy and open up loads of tabs in your browser you probably miss some of the coins, the game need a sec or two to register them.

Wall feed doesn’t show Bubble Witch Saga posts [Workaround to post coins]

Hi there! Where have all the pictures of Wilbur gone?

I am not certain that everybody has this problem, but I have found out that we are quite many that can’t see the posts that people post to the wall feed at Facebook with coins for 10, 25, 100, 250 or 500 coins.

If your friends have this problem and you still want to share coins with them, you need to post the coins as a normal status update.

You play as usual and click “continue” and “share” at the green buttons, but before you share the facebook post you right click at the text that says “100 coins for free” (or 10, 25, 250 or 500 coins). Then copy it. Then you go to your wall and post it as a normal status update. Include the amount of coins that you are sharing, so your friends now. :*)

This way you also have the post for your self to click on, the post on your own wall are good for up to 3 clicks made by yourself!  That can be up to 1500 coins!!!

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Wilbur is back now. :)

Share Coins

To Share coins with friends is a bit trick right now. Here you need to click share.

Right click at the link and copy it. Then post it as your status.

Get in-game coins in Bubble Witch Saga at Facebook

[update, August 2012] If you install and connect Bubble Witch Saga to facebook at your iPhone or iPad, you will get 20 000 coins!

  • An efficient way of keeping the coins flow to your game account is to send your friends extra hearts. Just click on the red heart in the left corner of their avatar on the game board or when you are about to play a level. They will get an extra life and probably send you coins (and energy) back!
    • Another way is to keep following your friends feed. People often publish their accomplishments to their wall and you can get up to 500 coin from a click! You can use the link from the menu (named “My wf”) on this site to access your Bubble Witch Saga wall feed. You can read more about the effective usage to gather coins via the wall feed. Here is two pictures to you, so you’ll know what to search for in your feed at facebook.



My good game friend Mark was better than me on level 9, so he posted me free coins while he had the opportunity to brag about his achievement.

  • Level up. You always get coins when you have passed a level. If you play a level again and play it really crappy, you only get 5 coins, but getting tree stars for the first time gives you 100/500 coins.
  • This trick is listed above, about clicking on feed posts, but it is absolutely worth refining:

    You actually can click on your own wall posts to gather in-game coins! :D

  • There is always an option to buy more coins.

Posts for friends to get coins are shown on your wall and in friends wall-feed(if they haven’t blocked them). They doesn’t appear in your own feed, but you can see them on your wall.