New Levels, New Features – Make a Wish in Bubble Witch Saga!

King.Com launched Bubble Witch Saga Charm taste bites

Today alongside new Eternal Isle Levels an exciting new Pay Feature have been launched. You can buy a Wish that is a like a disposable Charm. You can use this possibility when you really see that now you ain’t gonna make the next shot or pass the level without this little extra help. The Wishes are much better planned for us gamers than the coloured bubbles at the left side, it is one step harder to purchase a Wish by mistake. Thank you King.Com for that, now our kids can’t click themselves temp Charms as easily as with the ectra colour bubbles. We mommies make our kids dinner and sometimes even do other housework as well and many of us often forget to log out from Facebook or even letting our kids play the hard levels for us deliberately so we can advance. That said, you understand that we need that one extra step!

The Chocking News on these Bubble Witch Saga Wishes is the pricing, it is different for different players!!! For now 19 FB Credits(the Player have real Charms already) and 25 FB credits(a player that have never bought charms) have been reported for the Wish of Webbing. Please comment what your price is on different Charms, we might find a pattern if we can compare the results!

But if you have bought anything ever on Facebook, your Credit card info probably is stored. I recommend that you remove it. I know that this is exactly what Facebook wants us to do, it is lucrative for Facebook to have loads of users tied up with their billing info, the small things matter when the amount is big enough, let’s say that only 1% of all players on Facebook buy one in-game thingy by mistake, well Facebook states that they have almost one billion users, my guess is half of that if you count only real existing persons, but yo do the math…. The percentage needed to get big money from small purchases done by mistake is not big, safe yourself from sorrows and sleep well at night knowing that your account can’t be abused if the login is stolen: Remove your Credit Card information after every purchase