How to get green spiders in Bubble Witch Saga

The secret how to green spiders in Bubble Witch Saga is revealed!

Green Spider

In the beginning of a level you have three blue spiders, after shooting five bubbles you have eight spiders, if you don’t miss any. If the fifth spider burst bubbles, the spider number eight at the bottom will be a green spider.

Why do we like green spiders? Because they double our bubbles when the bubbles hit them and that means doubled score! :D

Rainbow BubbleThe secret how to get a green spider is to 1) burst bubbles five times in a row, 2) hit a Mystery Bubble or 3) hit   Rainbow Bubbles into the ceiling or into an obstacle (black bubble, infected etc), right after you have goot an earlier green spider, 4) Use a Charm. The 3 later ways need 10 active Spiders and at least one need to be a blue one.

Here is a video guide for howto get 3 green spiders by bursting 15 bubbles in a row in Bubble Witch Saga, made at level 1.

And here is a video guide for howto get 4 green spiders by bursting 10 bubbles + 2 RB Bubbles in a row in Bubble Witch Saga, made at level 1.

Good to know: Yellow spiders can not convert into green spiders, so if you got ten yellow spiders you will not be able to get any green spiders if you keep on bursting with no misses.

EXAMPLE calculated by bellemystery:

10 gold spiders to start with;  Miss 2 shots – 6 gold spiders remaining

1st shot –> +1 blue
2nd shot –> +1 blue
3rd shot –> +1 yellow
4th shot –> +1 blue
5th shot –> blue becomes green
6th shot –> blue becomes yellow
7th shot –> the remaining blue becomes yellow
This makes a total of 9 gold and 1 green while you have used 9 shots.

With nine yellow spiders it is all better, you can always try to drop bubbles on the green spider, using it the way it was meant to be used. Then it becomes a blue spider and you can generate yet another green spider.

At the higher levels (130+ and at Eternal Isles) you have the chance to get loads of green spiders, with a little help from the Mystery Bubbles.

Special thanks to Jorge Valenzuela Meléndez for learning us the rainbow bubble trick and to Sebastián Ramírez for letting us in on the special usage of Charms to get green Spiders.

Charms and Green Spiders

The Charm of Shattering can be used for one green Spider on any Level where there are Crystal Bubbles(Click here for A list of Levels from 85-155 where you can use the Charm of Shattering, it is also usable at many levels on Eternal Isles and in the Shadow Realm.).

If you have the Charm of Salvation (have to be used at levels where there are doom skulls): When we get 10 spiders of any color, activate twice our charm of Salvation on any color bubble or shoot it into the roof. Watch the Demo Video that Sebastian also have provided for this. He use the Charm of Salvation trick from 0:50 in the video he made for us.

Most green Spiders that I’ve heard of have been done is nine.

Here is a picture taken by Renáta Pojezná. She managed to get SEVEN FRICKIN’ green Spiders on Eternal Isles #5, Level 10!!! Well Played, Renata!

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