Troubleshooting for your iPhone/iPad

Stuck in Bubble Witch Saga with your iPhone or iPad? FIX IT!

Source: “Luna Bubblewitch” / King.Com

If you play on a Mobile device, you need to reconnect with Facebook once a day, that usually fix any problems with coins or lives! :D

ISSUE: “This is a fix that works for players that tap on the “Connect” button and nothing happens. If the “Connect” button does not seem to work at all, there is a quick fix for this, iOS6.

  1. Go to your device’s Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Facebook.
  3. Here you will have a Bubble Witch Saga Setting. Please disable > re-enable this setting than check if the issue you are experiencing still occurs.

ISSUE: The game crashes when I enter a level. What should I do?
FIX: A game crash is usually caused by memory issues on your device. The best way to fix these issues are to restart your whole Apple device, which clears the memory. Try holding down the top button on your iPhone or iPad to turn it off, and then try Bubble Witch Saga again. If this doesn’t help, uninstall Bubble Witch Saga and reinstall the game again.

ISSUE: I have Facebook connected, but I don’t get any Facebook messages / help from friends on mobile.
FIX: Sometimes you need to reconnect to Facebook again to get your Facebook messages. You can do this in the main menu by tapping the F-Connect icon.

ISSUE: I purchased something, but didn’t get it.
FIX: Sometimes, mobile phones have very weak internet connections. After completing a purchase, the Apple iTunes store needs to send back an “PURCHASE OK” message to Bubble Witch Saga to confirm that the payment went through. If you lose internet connection when this message is sent, it may not arrive correctly. If this happens, please contact the support at

ISSUE: I finished level 165 and can’t move on.
FIX: Patience. There are currently 165 levels in Bubble Witch Saga on mobile. King.Com tries to make an update to the game every 3 weeks. Most of these updates will also include new levels, among other fun things!

ISSUE: I can’t find Eternal Isles, where are they?
FIX: The Eternal Isles have not yet been invented in the mobile version. The development team and the cats(!) are working very hard right now to make them available, and hope that EI will be in your mobile phone before the end of September!


Apple: iOS version 4.3.5 or later on the following models:

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4GS + any later models (the game may work on iPhone 3G as well, but can have performance issues)
  •  iPad 1, 2 and New iPad
  •  iPod Touch: 2nd generation and onwards

Bubble Witch Saga do NOT support jailbroken iPhones, iPads or iPods.

183 thoughts on “Troubleshooting for your iPhone/iPad

    • I need some help….I lost my phone…haven’t logged on to BWS in a couple weeks, got a new phone, downloaded BWS and logged in and my progress and coins are all gone?!? How do I restore where I was at?

    • I am playing Bubble Witch on an iPod. I can’t recieve lives from friends? They always come through as coins, even when I do not have my full 5 lives. I am playing now, have 1 life left. A friend just sent me a life, but it has come through as 100 coins??? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

      • I haven’t heard about this before. I’ll ask in Bubble Witch saga Fan Site Group id someone have the same experience.

        • Thanks. Sorry, meant iPad, not iPod! Also have it on my iPhone. Wonder if it could be to do with it being on multiple devices?

        • Others have seen this happen as well. Try to remove the app completely and reinstall plus reconnect the game to facebook next time you run out of lives. I think you will be pleased. ;-)

    • I got 4000 free coins yesterday on the daily bonus. When I went on this am thy we’re gone. How do I gt them back no one used them as no one was home. Hard enough to win them not fair they disappear

      • I don’t think you can get them back, this is unfortunately stuff that happens. If you loose things that you have paid for, King usually compensate, but I haven’t heard of any compensation for stuff that you didn’t pay for.

    • I was playing BWS iPad and then it froze. I closed the app manually Avondale haven’t been able to start the app since. Just opens up to the orange King screen but then shut off. I’ve deleted and re installed a few times but the app won’t go pass the orange screen. What should I do?

        • Tried this several times..doesn’t help. Read your reviews in iTunes..every third one says app crashes. This is not the solution. The game used to be i’m ready to delete it and spend my money on apps that actually work.

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  2. Just wondering, if I buy charms for bubble witch saga on Facebook, will it also be to use them on my ipad? or do I have to purchase them again?
    Thanks for the Help!

  3. My ipad wont sync with facebook on Bubble witch saga anymore, internet connection is good. I know I can log out of FB and back in again but will I loose all the levels completed on my ipad. If I log in on my laptop to FB and BWS Im about 13 levels behind and dont wont to have to redo them?

      • I have also issues with my iphone fb connection. Tried to reinstall bws and fb app, but no results. Bws works only when i connect on computer. Do you have any suggestion how to reconnect to fb again?

        • Hi
          Is your problem solved?
          If, I would like to know, cause I’m having the same problem

        • Hi

          I’m having the same problem – ever since I updated the software to ios6. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both Facebook and bws. Turned off my iPhone 4s. I can connect on the home pc – just not my iPhone? Help please as I rarely make it to the home pc!!! :(

      • I am having same problems. I have purchased several charms and coins. I am very angry be caused I once played this game on my ipad and no longer can. I have uninstalled BWS reinstalled. Rest my ipad. On top of it I reset my Ipad to factory settings and nothing. As soon as I reloaded BWS and tried to connect to Facebook it still shuts down. I believe if they can’t fix this problem they should refund people’s money. Please fix now!!!!!

    • BWS won’t sync with my FB on my iPad. I can play not connected. When I tap on the FB connect icon, it starts loading with the hourglass then all the buttons start flashing on and off so you can’t press the green button.
      I tryed everything. I’m done with level 165.
      I’m only have a few of the levels in enteral island
      To finish. I don’t want to delete app and reinstall
      Might lose it. Don’t have a PC . This started when I purchased coins, I got them,went to buy my charms and they all disappeared did this 3 times thinking it didn’t go through. It did finally
      2 didn’t. iTunes charged for all 3 @ $9.99 . They won’t refund me. Please help

      • To get a refund or the Charms from King.Com ,try to write to the email address in the article.

        To get all available eternal isles and the FB Connection to work, please update your Bubble witch Saga app via app store.

        • Thanks, I would like to just get all my charms I payed for and all the coins. I tryed logging out of BWS it said that
          If I logged back in with the same FB account I would not lose any charms or $ or progress in the game.
          Well…I did just that, and know I don’t have any $$ or charms and I’m at level 1.
          I have to start over like I never played the game.
          Because, I can’t get it to sync still with my Facebook.
          I even tryed resyncing all my apps again on my dads PC. Still didn’t work. BWS is the only FB app that won’t sync.
          Yes, I have the current update installed and Facebook
          Current update. It was working just fine, it started
          Acting weird right before New Years. Coins I just purchased would show, (350000) then I would buy one charm and poof it would show a big 0! Did this 3 times.
          iTunes won’t refund. There no help, actually they don’t care. If u have a more current update other then the
          Christmas update, please give the link or to iTunes
          cause I haven’t got a alert for no current one yet.
          I’m starting to think the problem has to do with latest
          Update of BWS game. Like I said all the other games
          Play fine with FB. Please fix soon.

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  5. I get lives from friends and try to accept them but nothing changes and I don’t get the lives. How can I fix this?

      • I’m at level 205 on my laptop, but can’t get past 170 on the iPad. Is this going to be rectified soon? It is waaaay boring and I’m thinking of deleting it completely. There are only so many times you can replay the same level!!

  6. I’ve started playing BWS on my iPhone and it offered 20,000 coins but when I went to sync it with Facebook it’s now showing -9175 coins. Why the minus? I had plenty of coins on both devices (laptop and iPhone). Can you help?

        • Weellll, I have a bit bad news for you. The girl having this issue had it come back twice, but had the feeling that reinstalling helped her. She think that she lost altogether 40 000 coins on the mobile device failure. On the other hand the very same girl is getting too many coins from her wall feed and sometimes also from collecting coins on a laptop with the button here. I hope you will encounter the positive side of the bug as well.

        • Ah OK :-( I wouldn’t mind if it was just the phone but has affected the laptop as well. I guess I just need to build up the coins from my generous friends and won’t play it on my phone. This game is sooooo addictive! Thanks for checking it out for me and for getting back to me so quickly! You’re the best! :-)

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  9. i was starting to update BWS yesterday when i herd that there is new levels out for Iphone on EI levels. and i wanted them..but then the game wasnt start again,so i reinstall it and then install everything allover again..and then all my data is gone…i dont want to play it all over. i tryed to do everything but nothing seems to work..

  10. I experienced an issue for the first time today. When I ask for help, from my iPhone , non fb friends show uo in my list??? Has anyone encountered this?

  11. why does BSW crush when trying to connect fb? i noticed this issue few days ago. i have rebooted my iphone and reinstalled the game. still the same. my iphone is not jailbroken. what to do?

  12. After installing the game on my iPhone and connected the game to my FB account on the iPhone I have not been able to play on my PC. I have tried everything. Installing, uninstalling from both devices, iPhone and PC. Restarting both devices as well. Any suggestions???

      • I have the same problem for a moth now. I have tried everything as well and I have tried on a different PC. Nothing the game will not load on my PC anymore. Help please.

        • If you have tried everything from this post to fix the PC issue, you still need to go through the comprehensive list for fixing it on your PC. :) Please click on the “ISSUES” menu item in the Upper menu. :)

        • I have even tested on another PC and it doesn´t work. I´ve posted numerous times on the FB App page and all I get is “clear cache”. You have a serious problem with account conflict with those who use the phone app. Some information would perhaps be in order that people shouldn´t use the phone app if they intend to play on FB until the problem is fixed, don´t you think?

  13. Has anyone found out how to fix the connection problems ro Facebook from the ipad or iPhone. Have done everything rest my ipad and phone, uninstalled and reinstalled, disconnected and reconnected to Facebook, and the only way I can play is offline. I am really frustrated with this issue. I have bought charms and coins for this game and now I can’t play. They need to fix this issue ASAP! Please post if you have any information on this issue! Thank you

  14. hi I can not get past level 117 on my iPhone and I can’t seem to find any walk throughs for the iPhone
    any help would be hugely appreciated as I looooove bws!

    • The levels are the same for iPhones and the ordinary game, so you should benefit from this guide on Level 117. :) If you find the guide not readable or any other page hard to use here, just write a comment and I’ll see if I can make it better. I have no iPhone myself, so I can only try to do my mest to make iPhone usable pages, sometimes stuff goes funny.

      • I beg to differ. The walkthroughs I have seen all include extending the curser. This is not possible on the iPad. Sp how do I do it??

        • Not extend, keep the cursor on a certain place. I have personally tested the Hot Spots as shown in the pic at Level 117 with an iPad, it is different and because I do not usually use iPad it was a but harder to do, but it worked out fine anyway. I used one of those soft pen like thingies to get better precision than what I get with using just my fingers. I can’t use an iPad for anything at all without one of those pens.

  15. Reached level 45 in BWS, clicked on hallowen update for BWS, it replaced my game for a new. Wod like to get my original game back and my scores and purchases, thank you x

  16. I have been playing Bubblewitch for some time now and have had no issues but after the recent upgrade i have been unable to sync my Facebook on my iPhone. This means when i complete levels on my PC they are not carried over. I tried deleting and reinstalling but when i click on the Connect (Facebook) button nothing happens.

    • There are scheduled updates for about every third week, as far as I know. Some of them are level updates, others just ordinary one’s.

  17. Have completed level165 got help to carry on but it does not load, have gone onto pc and it has moved on to 166. why has it not moved on with ipad?

  18. Hoping someone can help… The app won’t even get past the main screen on my iPhone ever since I did the update last night. I’ve tried shutting the phone cometely off, and also deleted the app and re-installed it, with no luck

      • How can I get the game to not connect with Facebook….. All I get is the screen with the witch and the Xmas cat, and it says loading. Then it just closes, and goes back to my phone

        • Do I understand your question right now? You want to play the game as standalone not connected to Facebook?

        • No, I want to play with Facebook….. I deleted the app and downloaded it again. It will let me play if I say no thanks to connecting to Facebook. As soon as I try and connect again the game won’t load

  19. This is happening to me too except that I NEVER get passed the cat and witch screen anymore I really miss playing :( and when I get on my laptop I’m about 10 levels behind where I was on my phone

      • Yeah I’ve tried that and every time I do then the app won’t load at all but I’m connected to Facebook on my phone with no probs.

  20. I’ve just started playing this on my Samsung S11, I got to level 35 and cleared it but it won’t let me into the next level. Any suggestions?

  21. Please help! All the levels on my iPad were deleted and I managed to regain 85 of the levels by re-syncing with Facebook, but I was on level 138!!! I’ve tried re-syncing a few times to get more of my levels back but nothing seems to work.
    Desperately avoiding uni work with Bubble Witch is all I have!

    • If you are at 138 while logging into Facebook, you should be able to obtain that at your iPad as well. But if your iPad was not synced with FB when you played all those levels and you are still at 85 if you login at FB with a PC, then there is not much more you can do, I am afraid.

  22. I have completed Level 165 and can’t find Level 166. I have synced with Facebook and am using an iPad Version 2. Am I doing something wrong?

    • NO, you are not doing anything wrong, helen. There isn’t any more available levels for the mobile devices at the moment

  23. My iphone and computer are not syncing when playing BWS. My iphone keeps giving me a message that syncing with facebook failed. Can you please help?

    • You could try this. I must warn you however, I have no experience about the iPhone app, my answer is based upon a mixture of the support hints King.Com wrote up for me to pass on and my own iPad experience.

      Log out from Facebook with your iphone, remove Bubble witch saga completely, TURN OFF your phone. TURN ON your phone, install Bubble Witch Saga again, tap Connect to facebook in the BWS app, then login to Facebook and accept the app TWICE at Facebook if facebook gives you the option two times. Or more, if the accept place don’t want to disappear. (Facebook usually gives you the option to accept BWS at Facebook two times automagically, some stupid glitch there I think). Now you should be ready to play with friends. :)

  24. do you have any idea how to turn off the annoying notifications from the bws app? I tried turning them off in the settings but no luck. I’m tired of getting woken up in the middle of the night so bws can let me know I have full lives or there’s a new daily level. I love the game but I wish it didn’t have to be so invasive

  25. Hi, all of a sudden I cannot get any sound on BW. I am playing on my ipad.
    Have you any suggestions please?

    Thank you :-)

    • Just yesterday there is a bubbler that can’t get the sound off. can’t you switch ipad with her? ;-P

      Okey, I should probably be a bit more serious about this. The basic setting is to have the sounds on, so if fiddling with the settings in the app don’t help, I suggest you remove the game completely from your iPad and reinstall it. WARNING! If you haven’t connected your game to Facebook you will loose all progress by doing so. But if you are connected you will gain back the progress, when you reconnect after reinstalling. :)

      Removing and putting it back will not help if all sound overall at your tablet have decided to take a vacation, then you need to look into the tablet’s settings.

      Good Luck.

  26. I’ve just upgraded, play on an iPad 2, never use Facebook, after the upgrade my large balance of purchased coins just disappeared. How can I get them ‘unstolen’?

        • the apps are made buy people and people make mistakes. If they were purchased and you can dig up the recipe I think there should be a possibility to get refunded. – Please mention your device type/generation and iOS version when mailing King.Com about your issue.

        • I have exchanged emails with, a quick summary of the messages is “we are working on an update” when I pushed about my purchased coins that disappeared they said ” I should ask apple”!
          Apple say it is a problem caused by so don’t want to know.

          A rip off!

  27. Hi, playing on ipad 2, never used facebook, after last week’s update, i lost my 69,000 + coins. Last evening (2/5/13) when changing to another level, a black box appeared suddenly in the upper left corner with circle going round & round. Still there this a.m. How do I get rid of this? Annoying, can’t see bubbles in upper left anymore. Please help. Thx.

    • You are now the second person reporting about missing coins, I am so sorry, I can’t help you with those. The black circle might disappear if you turn off your iPad completely and turn it on again.

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